Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ascended Masters

This morning I decided it was pleasant enough outside to take a run and out I went. As anyone who has read my blogs know, I often connect with the Higher Realms during my runs. After a few minutes a crow flew overhead which is a sign to me that there is a message. He landed on a roof nearby and called to me. I acknowledged him and said to him, "is there a message for me?" Crow said back to me, "it has been awhile since you took a journey with me. The Ascended Masters wish to speak to you." I imagined myself shapeshifting into the crow's body and flying with him past the clouds into the Higher Realms. I had met with the Ascended Masters before. I never wrote about it because after coming back, I had gone on with my day, forgetting to write down what they told me. Later I could not get the message to come back to me, so I knew I needed to write down what They had said to me before I forgot.

Just as the first time I had met with the Ascended Masters, there were five and they were sitting in a semicircle and I was seated in front of them. Jesus was on my right, the Buddha next to Him, then the Ganeshe, and then two more who I did not recognize. I thanked Them for inviting me to speak with them. They asked me if I had any questions or requests. I said that I was a little concerned about the paths that some of my loved ones were on and could they please send some extra Angels to hold them in the Light so they would make better choices. We talked a little about their paths and how although we cannot interfere with their choices, we can certainly hold them in the light so it is easier for them to make better decisions.

I mentioned to them that I was concerned at my frequent occurrences of being "scatterbrained". It seems I forget things a lot and many times have to go back to work because I have forgotten some keys in my pocket or have left a heater on or so on. They laughed and told me that the reason I was "scatterbrained" so to speak, was because I was a "walker between the worlds". I was not completely focused on this earth experience, so I frequently would forget mundane details. They told me that when I was in the church, I was labeled to be an "intercessor" which is one who stands before God on someone else's behalf. When I had left the "church", I had walked away from this, believing that one should not or could not interfere in another's life experience. I asked if I had been mistaken. They told me that just like in a court of law, some on the earth need some help. It was my job to stand in the gap for them and hold an energy of light so that they could make better choices and insights for themselves. In doing this I was not interfering with their free will, I was making it possible for them to make more evolved choices and grow in their spiritual walk more quickly. We all learn from each other, and by holding them in a higher frequency, they would be enabled to follow their path more easily.

Before coming back to physical reality, they sent me a frequency of their energy, and reminded me of the fortune cookie I had opened up the night before at the Chinese restaurant. I had not understood the value of the message until now. The fortune said "Imagination is better than knowledge." They told me that the knowledge I was always seeking was there, right in my imagination. If I wondered if my nonphysical experiences were just my imagination, just remember that I am a creator and my imagination is what creates within me the knowledge I seek.

Thanks to the Ascended Masters for Their input into my life and for the wisdom They impart to me. I hope to be able to put into words correctly the things They tell me.

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