Thursday, August 1, 2013


Look at today's tarot card, the card called Strength:

I love this card, for several reasons:

The woman in the picture is gentle on the outside, but obviously strong on the inside. She has found the strength within herself to tame the lion in the picture, who is obviously enamored of her.

She is not in a struggle with the lion.

To me it almost looks like the lion is trying to lick her, signifying his complete devotion.

I love the figure 8 above her head, representing infinity and infinate possibilites. The number 8, which is the number of the card and also is depicted above the woman's head, signifies abundance, prosperity, harvest, plenty, and almost any good thing you can think of. It has been my favorite number for many years. Before I was aware of the power of numbers, I started noticing that good things always seemed to happen on "8" days. When I was still a devoted church attendee, a preacher once even commented on the power of the number 8 as it related to starting over, new beginnings, and changes for the better. The eighth day of the week is the start of a new week, after an old week has passed.  Musically the eight starts a new octave. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that have happened to me on "8" days, or how I have been given signs of eights, but I think you get the picture.

Taming a lion represents overcoming obstacles, and even making them your friend. When an enemy becomes a friend, both are benefited.

I think sometimes we tend to like that "us against them" mentality. I never liked the term "war on drugs" or "war on ANYTHING".  My thought is that when someone or something ceases to become an enemy, we can accomplish anything. When I cease to have need of whatever it is that I could call my "lion", then I can befriend it. For example, when I cease to have the need to be right about something, then I can look at all possibilities. When I cease to consistently give away my power and for once make my own needs known to those who are in the habit of "needing" me for whatever reason, then I can truly benefit the one who is asking for help.

Sometimes it is only a matter of taming that lion "just for today." I like to say that in my blogs frequently, because many times thinking of making a lifetime change is too daunting. But if I can say, "Just for today, I am going to not smoke a cigarette, or lose my temper, or apologize for something that is not my fault, or (you fill in the blanks). Then your inner strength is brought into the forefront of your life and that lion will melt in your arms!

What is it that you have need of taming, just for today? If you could name that lion, what would you call it? For me it is, giving away more of myself than I have time to replenish. (at least, this week, this is my lion.)

Have the strength within yourself to say, "just for today, I am strong within myself. I choose to tame the lion of ..............., and make it my friend and ally."

Imagine yourself holding that lion in your arms and seeing its eyes look up at you in admiration as you exude your own inner strength. You may want to print out a picture of this card and keep it somewhere where you can meditate on its wisdom.

Yay you as you tame your own personal lions!!

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  1. So so true! My lion this week has been letting go of worries that are not mine, especially where work is concerned. When troubles wake me out of my sleep, it's time to let go. My lion has been restless!

    I so needed this today. Just for today I'm going to give myself permission to let go and to trust that I am supported and that life is happening exactly in order.

    Visiting from Amazing Biz :-)