Friday, August 9, 2013

Two of Wands

Today's message from the tarot is the two of wands, shown here:
As you can see in this picture, the man in the picture is holding the world in one hand, and a wand or staff in the other. Behind him is another wand or staff mounted against the stone wall he is standing behind. He gazes out into a lush landscape, graced by mountains, a beautiful blue body of water and green fields and trees. You can almost sense the excitement in the air as he contemplates his next move.

This card speaks of adventure, starting out on a new path, conquering new worlds.

If I were giving you a reading and this card were to show up, I would know that you are ready to take a step into something new. You have already come a long way, symbolized by the stone wall and the one wand braced securely against the wall but behind the man. Things are good, but you are ready for something new. You are ready to leave the security you have built and embark upon a new adventure!

This is a card of possibilities! The world is at your beck and call! There are new possibilities calling out for you!! Although you are holding the world in your hands, you would give it up in a minute to answer the call to go out into the unknown and forge a new path for yourself!

Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life. Things are good, but you are restless. You have created this secure and well established life for yourself, but you hear the call of the wild!

This card is not necessarily telling you to quit your job or leave your husband or wife, but it is telling you that adventures await you!! You can stay in the security of the walls behind which you stand, or you can risk it all and embark upon a new life, and only you know what that will entail!

We have all been in the position of hearing the call of the wild! We have lived safe within the walls of our own building, gazing out upon the unblazed trails of our own imagination! We know that as long as we remain within the walls, we will never experience the rush of adrenaline we long for, racing out into the unknown, feeling the wind in our faces and the crackling of the twigs beneath our feet! We hear the call, but stand inside our own walls, gazing out at others who risk everything in order to feel that surge of life rushing through their very being.

Sometimes, if we don't answer the call, the Universe will answer it for us. The comfort of our walls will collapse, and we will be forced to embark upon the adventure anyway.

Do you hear the call of the wild? Is it time to venture out beyond your comfort zone? Is it time perhaps to do something new? It may be as simple as listening to someone's viewpoint that differs from your own. It may be just driving a new way to work, or rearranging  your morning rituals. It was suggested to me once that if I desired things to change in my life, that a good starting point was to change my daily habits. If I was in the habit of brushing my teeth first and then taking a shower, then one morning take my shower first and then brush my teeth. Just a simple, mindful act of doing something out of the ordinary changes my energy and says to the Universe that I am open and receptive to change.

Try this. Just for today, say to yourself:

 I am open and receptive to change. 
I invite new adventures into my life.
I am open to other people's viewpoints.

I am excited for you as you embark upon a new stage of your life, as you leave behind the security of the walls you yourself have built up around you to protect you and venture out into the unknown!

Listen to the call of Spirit inviting you to really live your life! Do something different today! Anyone can risk one day of going outside of your comfort zone. Who knows what awaits you! Now get out there and be alive!

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  1. Thanks, Joy - been contemplating making a big move which seem daunting; but maybe I should start out with smaller changes... Your thoughts are very enlightening....