Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Last evening was a blue moon, which occurs when there are two full moons within the same zodiac sign, or within thirty days. From my reading from my favorite astrologers (no that is not my forte), whatever was the issue you may have been avoiding at the last full moon has come back to bite you in this one.  It was also suggested by this blog that issues from the past, undealt with, would be screaming for resolution this week, for the energies of the full moon usually last a few days.

So, yes, it was my experience that this was indeed the case. My issues had to do with whether or not my spiritual work had value or was appreciated by others. At one point I remarked to myself that it sure would be easier just to go back to full time at the Post Office and just keep  my mouth shut about anything else.  More than once I had said to myself, "I am just going to stop talking."

So in the previous aforementioned blog, Sarah Varcas had said that now was the time to deal with repressed memories. I had been trying to figure out which memories were repressed, and how they had to do with perhaps money and the perceived notion that when I let someone know who I am, I get myself in trouble, or the notion that when I am found out for who I am, it will cost me something.

So my emotions in a funk for two days, I ended up with a bit of a sore throat and sinus infection. Throat issues of course have to do with speaking.. which was obviously my issue, and sinus infections have to do with people who you are close to getting on your nerves. I have found these correlations to be true most of the time, but not always, but I am always self analyzing. So I had done some meditating on releasing resentment towards myself and others. I had thought about the whole issue I had with speaking and allowing people to know who I am, and I had thought about how, as a child, I was excruciatingly shy and would very seldom speak to anyone. I had an inkling this may have been some residue from a past life issue, but no links were directly being revealed.

So at this point my thought was that the best I could do for my full moon ritual yesterday, amidst my illness and desire for sleep, was to do a vow releasing exercise. Sometimes we make vows that carry over for a long time, even lifetimes. I was convinced that for some reason, I had made a vow in a previous lifetime having to do with speaking and allowing people to know who I am, and as a result I was having issues at this particular moment in time, as a catalyst to encourage me to deal with this vow and get rid of it.

I didn't know at this point what the vow was, but just to be sure I took care of it, I spoke out loud this vow releasing statement:

"I now release any vows of silence I may have made in this lifetime or in a previous lifetime, whether it was made by means of a religious practice or as a result of a traumatic experience. If this vow was repeated over multiple lifetimes, then I release any vows from any number of lifetimes having to do with speaking and how my speaking affected my life."

The reason I relate this experience is that if you are experiencing any issues this week, it may be something you may want to improvise to fit your particular scenario. Based on the information contained within Sarah's blog, this week is a great time to revisit some issues that have been haunting you. So whatever you have been dealing with this week, do a similar releasing statement out loud to the Universe, stating whatever it is that has been haunting you this week in particular. You don't have to remember making a vow or experiencing a perceived or real trauma. Just do it!

As a result, my illness is much improved, and I am in better spirits. My perceived issue which instigated the whole self analysis has resolved itself, and my guides, just this morning, allowed me to read another blog which spelled out for me in so many letters exactly what my issue was. You can check out the second blog here. The particular sentence which screamed at me from this second blog was this:

 For those of you having difficulties realizing this is the next logical step in your transition process, realize that being less than, not allowing others to see your growth and new skill level is to give credence to the Old Age philosophy of, “I must hide who I am so I will not be punished for being a god or goddess.”

Here is my "aha" moment.

I am always hiding who I am based upon who I am with. My husband for  years did not know I could give messages from Spirit. I have some friends and family members from my former life as a born again Christian who still do not know what I do (at least I don't think they do.) I was around a group of people over the weekend who, for reasons unknown to me, had not paid me, and my perception was that because I had revealed to them a little about myself, I had devalued myself in their eyes. (this was not the case, just my perception.) There is that old adage: Familiarity breeds contempt.

My purpose for telling you the whole story of my awakening process is this. Maybe you can relate! Maybe there is some old, unresolved belief about yourself that came up this week during this blue moon that is screaming at you to be dealt with!

Do you have issues with allowing people to know the real you?  Maybe you were punished at some time, either this life or a previous one, for revealing too much about yourself. You may want to use my vow releasing statement to let it go, once and for all.

Maybe it was another issue but you can use my ritual to release whatever issues jumped out at you this week! My aim is to help you move forward in your journey through this lifetime.

If you would like help with whatever faced you head on during this particularly powerful full moon, you can contact me through my website. We can decide what is most helpful for you at this time, and schedule a session that will meet your needs.

Once in a blue moon, we have one of those weeks that completely change us. Let this blue moon be the one!

P.S. Here is another link to a wonderful blog about the blue moon, how it relates to our mission in life, not completely unlike my experience with it this week, and how to allow laughter to aid us in our quest.


  1. Lovely article, and thanks so much for linking to my blog. So great to connect with you!

    Love and light,

  2. Thank you, Joy, for posting about your experience with opening up and allowing yourself to be more and more authentic. I like your idea for a ritual for releasing vows, that is powerful. I appreciate this post very much! xo :)