Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Questions and Answers

Here is what I have noticed.

A client asks me a question.

I may get an image, a thought, or a message from the tarot.

It is not what they expect.

Maybe the answer is about something they didn't ask me.

What or who was the client actually thinking about at the time of the question?

Sometimes a client will ask me about a potential lover when they were actually thinking about another person entirely. Who do you think I am going to get information about?

ANSWER. I am going to get information about who you are thinking about, not who you asked me about.

I know that people in general are full of secrets. Sometimes the secrets are so deep that we don't even recognize that we are keeping them.

We may think we can keep a secret from our loved ones, our family, even ourselves.

In the spiritual realm there are no secrets.

Question: Why can't psychics predict lottery numbers?

Answer: Some may be able to do this, but basically, what I have decided, is this.

The place where I get my information is in the world of symbols. Receiving intuitive information is a right brained activity. The information is coming in the form of pictures, sounds, smells, words. In a way I am listening to Spirit and then saying what I hear. But sometimes I am getting images or thoughts that are not easily expressed and that I have to formulate words for.

Numbers are a left brained, logical activity. This information comes from a different place in my brain. I guess if they wanted to, my Guides could give me numbers. However, sometimes winning the lottery is not in the best interests of our souls. We would bypass all our lessons if we had access to anything we wanted through intuitive guidance. Our Guides are not going to allow us to bypass our lessons by giving us information which would take us off our designated path.

We can choose to go off our path on our own, but our Guides are not going to participate in that.

What about people who do win the lottery?

How many of them are able to actually keep the money? Research shows that the percentage of people who win the lottery that are able to hold on to that money is relatively low. That is because their individual vibration was not the same as the vibration that the money holds and that maybe having lots of money is not on the path that will give them the most valuable lessons for this lifetime.

Question: How come sometimes Spirit does not warn us ahead of time when we are going to have a huge life changing experience? Maybe if Spirit would have told me, I would not have done.. (whatever)..

Answer: If Spirit told us ahead of time every time we were going to make a mistake in judgement, or every time a life changing experience was coming our way, what would be the purpose for us incarnating into this lifetime? If we knew ahead of time every little detail of our lives, we would miss all of the wonderful lessons we learn from just living our lives.

One of my favorite mantras is this: "Everything I need to know is revealed to me."

I wish I knew every time I was going to make a mistake or a wrong turn. I wish I knew ahead of time if something bad was going to happen. Sometimes, if something is ahead on our path that will completely change our lives, and our paths are supposed to go in a particular direction, we will get a warning. But not always.

Sometimes I will get a warning that a client is about to go through a challenging experience but most of the time Spirit will not tell me what the experience is. Sometimes our challenging experiences are the catalyst that we need to make life altering changes that later we will look back at and thank the Universe for.

Just for today, thank the Universe, your Source, or whatever you call your Higher Power, for all those challenges that are making you who you are. Learn from your challenges, so that you don't have to repeat them. Don't ask a psychic for winning lottery numbers. Don't ask a psychic (intuitive, sensitive, whatever you want to call someone who hears messages from Spirit) about one person if you really want to know about someone else.

At some time in the future I will address other questions. Feel free to message me if you have one and I will connect with Spirit and see if I receive an answer!

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  1. I love the mantra you mentioned, "Everything I need to know is revealed to me." For some reason it reminded me of a snippet that synchronistically showed up in something I was reading this morning, it said "All news is good news" :)
    Love the look of your new site! Light and full of calm energy. xo