Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three of Wands

Today's card is the three of wands.

As you can see, the image on this card is one of a man who is looking out into the distance, holding one wand, or staff, with two behind him. The future is out before him. He seems to be a man of at least some means, judging from the way he is being depicted. At this moment I am looking at his feet and I notice that his shoes or foot apparel appear to be purple in this particular depiction.

I like to use my intuition when getting a message from a card. Each card has a general or well accepted interpretation, but I like to look at the card and see what jumps out at me. This is how Spirit gives me messages regarding using the cards. 

Lately I have been a bit obsessed with the color purple. Purple has a well established meaning of being a very spiritual color. Evidently my spiritual side is really being called upon lately. Anything that is purple has been jumping out at me. So when I looked at this card, the first thing I noticed was that his feet appeared purple. Now in the cards that I have in my hand, his feet are red, but when I chose this image to put on the blog, the purple shoes really jumped.

What is this saying to me? Our feet represent our path in life, our direction, and our connection with the earth. Our feet take us to where we need to go. Obviously to me, Spirit is giving me the message through this card that it is time to embark upon a spiritual adventure. The unknown is out there, calling. 

This card can also represent premonitions, having spiritual foresight or accessing our intuition.

Has Spirit been calling out to you lately? Have you been having sparks of insight, premonitions, or a longing for a spiritual adventure? Today might be the day you experience something of an intuitive nature. You may have a longing to do some sort of spiritual ritual or spend some time in connecting with your Higher Power.  

We all have something we are born to do. There is a quest set out for each of us. Sometimes life gets in the way, or we just choose not to follow the path that our heart calls out for us to follow. Many times depression is a result of not following our true path, our heart yearnings. Our souls know the Highest path we are born to follow, and when we don't listen to our heart, sadness is the result. Of course I am not saying this is the ONLY cause of depression, no, not at all, but if you are feeling out of sorts or just not content, maybe it is a message from your heart saying... HEY.... listen to me!! 

What makes your heart sing for joy? What direction do you feel your feet going in or at least wanting to go in? Maybe it is time to take a moment and think about your feet and by doing so, accessing that place inside of you that leads you in the way you yearn to go.

Adventure is out there calling you!! There is a path that is set before you. Will you answer the call?

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