Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today's card is the card of Justice, shown here:

I will be honest. I get this card a lot. This week as I have been drawing a card for a blog message every day, one day I asked the cards if the card I had drawn for the day was also for me or just for the blog? I felt like drawing another card, and I drew this one. Now I have seemed to have drawn it again. So I feel it definately has a personal message for me but also one from which you, my readers, may benefit.

 This is definitely not a lovey dovey card. I interpret the man in the picture to be some sort of judge. He is sitting upon a hard stone seat. He is sitting between two stone pillars. He has a sort of mean look on his face. In one hand he holds a sword and in the other a scale.

To me this card is all about achieving balance. It could mean that you will be rewarded or punished according to your deeds. It could represent being exonerated from a bad rap or the opposite, being found out for indiscretions. But ultimately, this card is about a balancing of the scales. The presence of the sword may indicate that when justice is handed out, it may not be pleasant. It just depends which side of justice you find yourself.

For me, the message seems to be about not being so hard on myself. I feel sometimes like the man sitting on the hard bench and holding up the sword as well as the scales. I am thinking, boy I bet his hand is getting tired. He has been holding that sword for hundreds of years!

Years ago I used to sometimes think, I must have really screwed up in my previous lives because this one sure is hard sometimes.Then one day I realized that the only reason it was hard was because I was allowing it to be! I was the one creating that hard bench I was sitting on and I was the one holding up the sword and trying to balance the scales, all by myself!

Then one day everything changed. Well, okay, it didn't happen in one day. But sometimes I look back and it seems that way. Yes, I still have my days (or weeks) when I find myself sitting on that hard bench again.

This year I turned fifty. I guess around April or so I had gone to an event and I was giving a woman a reading who happened to be more adept at astrology than I am and she told me that when a woman turns fifty, everything that she has not dealt with up until now will come back to haunt her.  This seems an appropriate interpretation of this card, now that I think about it.

Whether or not you are turning fifty, this card may show up to tell you that it is time to deal with the stuff you have stuffed away! My husband is always telling me this. I am the queen of stuffing things away. I have drawers of old pictures, and old picture frames. I have closets with those gift bags that I just might have need of one day! Yes, from time to time I will clean out those old closets and drawers but sometimes there are things you don't want to throw away, but you are unsure what to do with the stuff! So you just stuff them back in the drawer. The justice card is saying, all those things you have stuffed away are now calling out for you to deal with them!

If you find yourself face to face with justice, maybe it is time to balance the scales. If you have been working too hard, maybe you need to take a holiday. If you have been too hard on yourself or someone you love, perhaps you need to give yourself a break or be kind to those to whom you have judged too harshly.  Know that justice is out there, and the scales will eventually balance themselves. I have noticed when someone is very outwardly judgemental of someone or even an ideal or a political or moral choice, usually it is mirroring something within themselves. Maybe the justice card is telling you to take a look at something or something you have judged and look at it with new eyes. Try to see things from someone else's perspective.

There are many possible interpretations of today's card. I have explored a number of possibilities. Only you know which one resonates with you. But the justice card is calling for you. What is it telling you?

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