Sunday, August 11, 2013

No One Likes to Get the "Death" card

This morning the card I picked for today's blog is the death card. Here is one depiction:

The good news is that the death card does not necessarily mean that someone is going to die a physical death.

In this card there is a skeleton riding a white horse. There is one dead beneath the feet of the horse, and a small child, an adolescent, and a bishop of some kind standing before him. He is holding a black flag as if to symbolize some sort of victory. There is the background of a gray sky, a setting sun, and two towers also seen in the "moon" card.

This card, like you may suppose, indicates that there is a final ending of a chapter of your life. However, all is not hopeless. Sometimes there has to be an ending before there can be a new beginning.  Sometimes we have to come to the end of our rope before we can see clearly to make needed changes.

Maybe you have been putting up with bad behavior of a friend or partner and something happens that is the last straw. You finally decide to cut the ties. When you do, the door is opened for you to experience new relationships and new adventures that you would not have had the ability to experience if you had remained in this unhealthy relationship. For myself, I know that a couple of times in  my life I came to the point that I decided if I stay in this relationship I will die. That is the death card. Obviously, I am alive and well. Ending a relationship can be a gift for both parties. If a relationship is not good for one of the parties, it is not good for either one, despite what the other person might feel or tell you at the time. When you decide to end a relationship, whether it be a friendship, romantic, or business relationship, or even, as in my case, the ending of a relationship with an entire belief system, you are truly giving the other person a gift that they are not ready to give themselves. You are giving them the opportunity to forge new relationships with new people that will be more life affirming and beneficial for both parties.

Years ago I had a close friend. She was my best friend and mentor.  She taught me how to open my heart and ears and really hear from Spirit. More than once we had a parting of the ways. Although I loved this woman as if she was my sister, we always seem to have difficulty remaining close. We would have misunderstandings or other issues and would part ways, doing this several times until the last time about twelve years ago.  I asked Spirit once why we always seemed to have such difficulties and Spirit told me that if I remained her friend that it would hinder me from becoming the person I was meant to be. I would always have been dependent on her abilities, which were far beyond mine, and I would never have followed the path that I am currently on. When something is taken away from you, whether it is your choice or it is forced upon you, look at that "death" as a gift. Take the opportunity to move forward to new relationships and new adventures. The death of any relationship, after you have grieved over it for a reasonable amount of time, is the opening of a new door of possibilities for you.

Maybe you are ready to start a new career but are afraid to risk the security of the one you are currently in. Sometimes, if a new career is in your future, the Universe will force it upon you if you are afraid to take the step. You may get fired or layed off. Take this as a hint from the Universe that there is something better out there for you! There is a new birth waiting to happen, that could not happen until the death of the old one! One of my other mentors was fired from her job which catapulted her into going into her current career as a full time medium. The road has not always been easy, but it is the one that Spirit had in mind when her other job was eliminated.

If you are going through a death of sorts, the loss of a relationship or job, or perhaps some other ending, take heart! Death is just the door to new possibilities. At some point we have to face the grim reaper with fortitude and expectation, knowing that sometimes we have to go through the dark night of the soul in order to follow the path that is our highest and best destiny.

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  1. Thanks Joy, I love this description of the death card, many fear it when it comes up but as you say it can signify the end of the old way and a new beginning in sight, brilliant and completely resonates with me at the moment too :o)