Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

No great spiritual insights today.

Just a sweet day with my hubby love.

We walked along a path.

Across a stream.

For a moment we forgot about bills, and kids, and writing books, and seeing clients.

We took pictures with our phones because we didn't think about bringing the camera.

We ate a picnic lunch from Subway.

We watched the ducks.

We found a new favorite spot.

We thought about how peaceful, how beautiful.

We thought about the soldiers who died here. (this is the location of a very bloody Civil War battle.)

Then we came back to town and had ice cream.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of life, and you get bombarded with the challenges of life, you just need to take a walk.

Maybe you will resolve your issues. Maybe you will not.

Tomorrow's another day.