Monday, August 26, 2013

The Ace of Swords

 I love the ace cards!!

I love them because to me the hand represents the hand of the Universe, or Source, or God.

To me, when I get an ace card, it means that I am about to receive a gift from the Universe. The individual ace card that I get will give me a clue as to what kind of gift I am about to receive!!

In the case of the sword, traditionally, swords represent words and communications. However, they can also represent conflict. If the latter is true, how can we consider the possibility that conflict may be a gift from the Universe!!

Yay!! I am about to tell you!!

You can learn from any conflict by considering that conflict to be a gift. Think of any conflict as containing within the issue something to be learned.  Get into your sacred place, maybe a quiet place of meditation or however you connect with your soul or the Universe, and ask the conflict ... "what gift are you offering me?" Many times it is a snippet into our own hidden world that many times we choose not to see, our shadow selves, many people call it. 

For example, do you and your hunnie bunnie fight about money? Could it be possible that there are some underlying issues relating to your feelings of self worth? Money is just a catalyst that inspires you to examine your own worth, or your perception of it. If you are constantly giving in to a partner who spends too much, then maybe you are not confident enough in your own self worth to stand up and say, no, this is not allowed.  Think about what issues you frequently find yourself in conflict over, either within yourself or with others. Ask yourself how you feel, deeply within yourself, about this subject. Do you feel your value is wrapped up inside of this issue? If it is, then the conflict itself is a gift from the Universe, saying... "hey, this is something you need to work on!"

The ace of swords does not necessarily mean there is going to be conflict. Words and communications are also highlighted. Maybe you are about to embark upon a new writing or speaking project. Maybe there is something you need to say. Maybe there is a letter that needs to be written, or a new job in the communications field opening up to you. This card is telling you that this is about to occur and that the Universe is offering you the opportunity to be successful in this venture!!

However the sword plays out in your life today, take that sword and go for it!!

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