Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two of Cups

Today's card is the two of cups, shown here:

I always love it when I get this card. This card represents an equal exchange. If you are in a love relationship, it means it is a good match. You are on the same page, so to speak. There is good communication, no one is at a disadvantage. If you are wondering about a business relationship, it looks like it is a good match. As you can see, the sky is blue and the grass is green. There is not a cloud in the sky.

It is always wonderful when you can say you are enjoying a relationship that is on equal terms. No one is lording it over anyone else. Communication is at its highest peak. Even the symbol above their heads looks like a merging of two figures: that of a lion and one of maybe an angel or other winged creature. Also the symbol of the two snakes intertwined speaks of a coming together of two. The snake symbol itself is often a symbol of healing.

This card represents what we all aspire to in a relationship. Maybe there is a checklist here you can go over to see if you and another are well matched:

  • do you feel on equal terms with that person?
  • are you able to communicate openly?
  • are you able to be yourself, exchanging ideas and information on an even plane?
  • do you feel that the other person is giving an equal share of themselves with you?
  • does the relationship feel "healing" to you? 
Just for today, look for ways to be on a level playing field. Don't give too much of your own power away if the other people around you aren't doing the same. Expect equality in your relationships, whether they be business, romantic, or otherwise. Expect to communicate openly with others.

This is why I often charge a minimal fee for any work that I do for others. If the other person gets something which costs them nothing, will it really benefit them? Will I feel shortchanged, and will what I am offering have any lasting value to them?

Have thought as to what you are giving and receiving today. In this way you will enjoy the best day ever, exchanging ideas and sharing a piece of yourself with those around you.  And you will receive back exactly what you are giving out. Don't shortchange yourself or others by giving too much or expecting to be given to. Keep the playing field even.

Enjoy your day!

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