Friday, February 28, 2014

New Moon Saturday!

Well, it is March 1st, the first day of a  new month, and also a new moon today! In numerology we are in a seven year, and if you add three to that (the number of March) you get ten, and if you add the one and the zero of the ten you get a one! One is the number of new beginnings and the number ten in the tarot is the wheel of fortune, and the number one is the magician. Whew!!What a mouthful!

What does that all mean? It means, dear soul, that March is geared up to be a month of new beginnings!! Yay! We all need new beginnings don't we? The wheel of fortune says that things are getting ready to change.. and I don't know about you, but I am ready for some change!

I guess it must have been sometime in the past week or so since the quarter moon waning towards new that Spirit gave me the message that for the week up to the new moon I was to let things go in preparation for allowing new things in.

 I cleaned out the refrigerator, and said the mantra that I was letting go of things that used to feed me that no longer do..

As I scrubbed the shower and swept up the dust on the floor I said.. "I am releasing all the crud and buildup that is hiding there in secret..."

I like to find mantras that match my activities. It is like I am acting out my manifestations!!

And now the new moon is upon us! Can you feel the energy shift?

We are coming out of a particularly difficult Mercury Retrograde, in which anything unsettled in the area of communications came out to be dealt with! Here in Virginia, winter has been particularly difficult. I have almost felt like I have been hibernating. I am reluctant to come out of my covers in the morning, and I can't seem to get enough sleep. And now here comes new things, new beginnings. It is time to wake up and get moving!

 In February, a nine month numerologically speaking, was all about completing unfinished projects. I have been tweaking my upcoming book in anticipation of a meeting with a literary agent in March. I am still not sure if it is in its finished stage, but it is feeling complete, anyway. I really took some time to look within, and sit with the moon stages, and ask for guidance. And now, March is here! It is like a horse and her rider must feel as they sit at the gates right before a race, waiting for that signal to charge out of their waiting spot.

What lies within you that you have just been waiting for the right time to begin? Now is the time!

Of course, we all have personal numbers and personal tarot cards that may be a bit different from the universal ones of which I speak. If you are interested in knowing where you are numerologically or what is your ruling card, contact me and we will set up a session! It is amazing how accurate our numbers and our cards are. In my sessions I always connect with your guides as I do your cards and numbers so that they can guide me and give me any additional information.

Just for today, find some time to sit and connect. Meditate on what the next stage of your path looks like. You may only get the next step. If Spirit says, go to the grocery store and buy some beans, then do it. It is like making soup. Sometimes Spirit only gives us one ingredient at a time.

I remember years ago I was in a group of ladies who liked to make what is called friendship bread. One person would give the "starter" to the other ladies. We would add one ingredient or two, and then pound on the dough and let it sit. Twelve hours later, we would add another ingredient and pound it down and let it sit. Eventually the result was the most amazing bread you ever tasted.

Spirit is the one with the "starter." You get an idea or an inspiration. You add an ingredient and let it sit. Then you add another. Timing is everything. You can't decide that you want to add the second ingredient before the twelve hour sitting time. Well you can, but your bread is not going to taste very good.

Today is the day to get your starter from Spirit. You will get instructions for when to add the next ingredient. Sometimes there  may be some pounding on the dough. Don't get impatient! Eventually your bread will be baking in the oven and everyone in the neighborhood will be smelling the most incredible aroma coming out of your very own kitchen!

Remember, if you need assistance as you navigate your journey, you can contact me through my website and set up a session. I am always at your service!

Blessings to you on this new moon, first day of the rest of your life!


  1. Thank you, Joy, for the reminder to clean out consciously! I'm cleaning the house today before we start receiving family and friends so this perfect timing. Big hugs, Karina

    1. Thanks for reading, Karina! This is why I love sharing my insights from Spirit. I have always known that They were not just giving me this stuff for my own information!

  2. oh my god. this has been SO enlightening.

    and mercury retrograde in the realm of communications? geez louise, no wonder i've had laryngitis for the past 2 weeks! a dream said it was 5th chakra clearing.

    your cleaning/manifesting tips are incredible, too.

    thank you for sharing your wisdom/insights as usual!!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Raquel! Wow you really did have a visit from Mercury Retrograde, didn't you! There has also been a huge energy shift the past week or two which may have been your physical body adjusting to the influx of new energies! You must have something you are supposed to say!

  3. Hello Joy, today was the agreement with my Ex to clean up our life, to simplify, to enable love to flow more easily through our changed family. Just need my Third Eye chakra to ease although loving the energy flowing in :) Great blog thank you with love X