Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Labyrinth

Sometime last year I went to visit my good friend Hali. She is a labyrinth enthusiast, and has one in her yard. She and I have been friends for many years, but the idea to put one in my own backyard never crossed my mind until our last visit sometime last year. I had decided to walk her labyrinth and suddenly felt inspired. I knew it was not one of those projects you can start and complete in one day, and somehow this is a challenge for me. When I get inspired, it has to be done, and it has to be done right now! (here is my good friend Hali's BLOG)

My first job of course was to connect with the Spirit of the Land and ask permission to put a labyrinth in the yard and then to ask where the labyrinth wanted to be placed. I always ask permission of the land and any items that I use such as rocks,sticks, flowers, etc before taking it upon myself to start a project. I love flowers and sitting in the backyard. One of my favorite ongoing projects is my pond. 

Today my goal was to put some flowers in some pots in various places throughout the yard. I had asked each plant where it wanted to be placed and which pots they wanted to be in. I asked Spirit if there was anything in particular I should do. Spirit told me to make sure that everything was to be in threes. So I went about arranging the flower pots in groupings of three. I put three flowers in each pot.

 Three is the number of manifesting and is a high spiritual number. In Christianity there is the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are made up of three parts: spirit, mind and body. Last night hubby love and I were watching a show that was talking about the constellation Orion and its significance and what I noticed was that there were three stars grouped together in a row. I am sure other belief systems also have three as a significant number. However, this was the message I received, so I went about honoring Spirit's request.

After I was done, I sat down to connect once again with Spirit and after awhile my gaze went over to the pile of rocks I had been collecting over in the part of the yard where I had been contemplating placing the labyrinth. I went online and got a pattern.

I had wanted to have the opening to the labyrinth in the east, but after a bit of contemplation, realized that if I did that the focal point would be facing away from the house, I realized that there were two trees that offered me the perfect opening to the labyrinth. I know that if you read directions on how to create a labyrinth, there is a somewhat complicated system for marking out the path with tape or string, but I began to use the power of my visualization and just began placing rocks.  I would walk the proposed path and move them accordingly, after asking if they wanted to be part of the project of course.

You can see the two trees which will be the beginning of the labyrinth and the two stones which will eventually be the center. I have called out to the labyrinth to show me what is to be in the center. 

Stay tuned as I will post pics on occasion as I make progress!

My goal is that the labyrinth be a place to connect with Spirit, however you may define that. Most of my neighbors are Christian, and of course I want them to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with Jesus. However, I honor all paths to the Divine, and I want any seeker who comes to visit to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with that Power that connects us all to the Bigger Picture. As long as LOVE is the focal point, I see no reason to draw lines of separation between us.

If you have rocks that have not yet found a purpose, ask them if they would like to be part of a spiritual project. If you live near me and feel that you have a rock that is asking to be part of this labyrinth, feel free to come over and place it in the labyrinth.

Let us all lay down the things that separate us and let us connect to Spirit in ways that give us joy and meaning. Let us honor one another and whatever ways we find to connect to Spirit, or to our own soul. We all spring from One Source, and we are all brothers and sisters walking the path to the center of our own soul.


  1. Funny about the labyrinth; pagans claim it, Christians claim it--it's for everyone! "As long as LOVE is the focal point, I see no reason to draw lines of separation between us." LOVE this! Wasn't that really Christ's radical message? Can't wait to walk your labyrinth! :-) H.

    1. I have walked it a couple of times already, while placing the rocks and connecting with the Spirits of the Land. The Labyrinth definitely has a spirit. It told me where it wanted to be and oddly enough, no grass is growing in that spot. I have lived here for twelve years now and there has always been at least some grass. I know that is where it wants to be.