Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healing Strong Emotions

This week I was driving home from work one evening and I saw a huge cloud that looked to me like one of those gigantic waves that occasionally come along when I am at the beach. I am not a great swimmer so I am not really fond of those waves. But my husband taught me that when I see one of those waves coming, to just swim into the wave and not let it come crashing against me. My Angels seem to tell me that it was the same way with my life. When a giant wave presents itself, just swim into it. I was curious about the message since everything seemed to be going well. I wondered what the wave could mean.

In a couple of days I had my answer. Circumstances around me caused me to have to face some difficult emotions and I realized that my Angels did not want me to resist these emotions. Whether the emotion is a good feeling, like joy or one that makes us feel bad, like fear or anger, every emotion comes to us as a life experience. I have always been one to resist those "bad" emotions, stuffing them down and replacing them with the "good" emotions, but I think what the Angels were trying to get me to understand is that every emotion deserves our conscious attention. When an emotion like anger, or fear or grief comes to us like a wave, it is important to allow that emotion to run its course, give ourselves full permission to feel that emotion and thank it for its gift to us. Swim right into it.

The important part is that when we allow the emotion to happen and we breathe into it and feel it to its full extent, that emotion will run its course and then, like a wave, it will flow on by and eventually flow away from us. When we resist that emotion out of guilt or fear then it goes somewhere deep inside and eventually will come back at a later time. If we keep that emotion stuffed down inside then we will never heal.

Around the same time I got this message I was asked to contact the soul of someone who had fallen into a coma after a relatively minor medical procedure. When I contacted his soul I realized that he was feeling some very strong emotions which he had not allowed himself to feel. His soul was hiding out in this coma and was in a happy place, not wanting to return to conscious life, but I encouraged him to allow his emotions to surface and feel them to the fullest. Breathe into those emotions and welcome them. Then, as he welcomed them, he could allow them to pass. Upon relating my experience to my contact person, I was told that he had indeed awakened for a period of time close to the time of my contact with him. In any healing work, we have to realize that we cannot cross the will of any soul, and even though we had dealt with some very strong emotions during our visit together, it was ultimately his decision whether to live or die.

Also during this time period I contacted a soul who was still in the womb and was soon to go back to the other side. The soul was very angry that she was not going to be born but I felt the anger was deeper than that. She was trying so hard to make it to birth, however this birth was not to be. I felt that in a previous life this soul had perhaps lost or aborted a child and now was feeling the other side of those emotions from the standpoint of a soul who was not going to make it to birth. After contacting her twice, the second time her anger had subsided a great deal, as she had possibly dealt with her emotions surrounding the crisis.

Strong emotions that remain unresolved always come back until they are completely felt and allowed to surface. Only when they are acknowledged can the person feeling the strong emotions heal and move on. Let us thank our souls for the experience of life and the emotions tied to the events in our lives. If we have events that present themselves over and over it is a good sign that we have not dealt with the emotions surrounding those recurring events. It is important to breathe into those emotions and pay attention to how those emotions feel. Totally acknowledge the feelings surrounding major events in our lives and feel the emotions tied to those events. Only then can we begin to resolve issues that seem to keep resurfacing.

When our hearts are ready to heal, events will transpire to bring to the surface long forgotten emotions. Acknowledge the feelings surrounding those happenings, feel those emotions to the fullest, breathe into your soul the fullness of the emotions, and then release the emotions like a wave flowing away from your experience. As those emotions are released, you will experience a new level of joy you have never known. Healing can then begin.

Sometimes releasing strong emotions requires support from others. Don't hesitate to involve friends, family, or perhaps a professional in your healing process. It is worth the effort.

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