Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A lot of people want to know how to hear the voice of their Angels and Guides or how to receive guidance or direction in their every day lives. It is a lot simpler than you may think. There are many tools available for learning how to receive a message from the Higher Realms. However, many times all we have to do is look around us.

Today I am going to touch on how numbers can be a sign from our Angels. In future blogs, I will give examples of many other signs and symbols that are messages from our Guides or even from our loved ones who may have crossed over and are sending us comfort or guidance from the other side.

Everyone will have symbols or signs that are meaningful to them. I love the number 8. Before I studied numerology I used to see the number 8 and to me it was a number of new beginnings. In my mind there were seven days in a week and the number 8 represented to me the beginning of a new week. When I would see an 8 I would know it was a message that a new week was just over the horizon. Now that I have studied a little bit of numerology I have learned that 8 is the number of money and harvest and prosperity. That is good too. But my Angels like to send me signs that they are around and that all is well by sending me that particular number. I will see it repeatedly in a short period of time and I will know that all is well. They seem to send it to me during times when I am questioning whether I have done the right thing or not. Just recently I was questioning my decision to publish my book due to the fact that I had seen no sales in a couple of weeks and wondering if it was worth the expense and within a day or two I began to see the number 8 everywhere. I was reassured that I was fulfilling part of my purpose and that it would all be okay. As you can see, what may say one thing to me may say something completely different to someone else. What if someone had a loved one who died on the 8th day of the month? Maybe to them when they see an 8 they will think of that person. Maybe to them seeing an 8 is a sign that the person who they love is okay on the other side. On another note, my husband once had a particular serious health issue that manifested on the 8th day of April, and then he questioned my love for the number 8. He said, see not everything that happens on the 8th of the month is good. To which my reply would be, I still have you. The fact that it happened on an 8 day assured me that you would be okay.

Recently I began to wake up in the middle of the night and when I would look at the clock, it would say 3:33. Then I would wake up again and the clock would say 5:55. Then I started seeing the same numbers during the day. Maybe on the clock or the odometer on my car, or the page number of a book I was reading, or the number of words on a particular blog I was writing. I learned from doing some research that 333 was the number of the Ascended Masters and 555 was the number of a gigantic change. So the message to me was that even though tremendous change was on the horizon, the Ascended Masters are with me. Other circles say that 3 is the number for creativity, fun, and manifesting your dreams. Either answer is a good one. Lately I have been writing a lot and my book was just published two months ago which is a manifestation of a dream, but I also like the thought that the Ascended Masters are with me. I think if we find numerous opinions on the symbolism of a particular number or sign, then we have to take the one that resonates inside of us.

This week, pay attention to which numbers you see repeatedly. Ask your Guides what the number means to you. Just because numerology says it means one thing does not mean that it means the same thing for you. You may find an answer to a question you have been asking yourself. You may find reassurance that a loved one is near. The key is that you have to decide what it means to you. Know that your Angels and Guides are near and they know you very well. They will only give you signs that you understand. Just knowing this is a big help...

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