Friday, October 8, 2010

Messages from Nature

In my previous blog I talked about getting messages from our Guides and Angels through the avenue of numbers. Today I want to talk about how we can pay attention to our surroundings and get guidance for our lives.

I live in a house in a neighborhood but I am blessed with having an amazing back yard. I have eleven trees and and a small pond which I built myself. It is my little piece of heaven. My favorite thing to do is to sit outside on my patio by my pond and just pay attention to nature. I have received so much good advice from my Guides and Angels just through observation of nature. When I am worried or upset, I often sit at the base of one of my huge trees and just place my back up against its trunk. I imagine that my energy and the energy of the tree are one. I imagine all the "stuff" that this tree has observed and all the energy it has absorbed. I imagine any unhealthy energy from my emotions or that I have unknowingly taken upon myself to be energetically transferred to the tree and that the tree uses that energy and sends it into the ground as fertilizer. I am not worried that I am transferring to the tree energy that is unhealthy for the tree. It is only unhealthy for me. The energy of the tree is different from mine. It uses the energy that I discard for its own benefit. It is strong and solid and is the home for many species of wildlife. I imagine that my tree finds much satisfaction in housing and mothering so many forms of life. I feel the love from the energy of the tree transferring into my energy field. I am always rejuvenated after spending time at the base of one of my trees.

But what about messages? Often I will observe what is happening in my backyard and find many lessons that teach me about my life at that particular time. If there are lots of birds building nests or looking for worms then I will know that it is time to spruce up the house, do some cleaning, get my home ready. If there are squirrels that are playing around with each other, I will take the lesson that perhaps I need to socialize more. If they seem to be fighting with each other, then I will watch my attitudes towards others and perhaps keep an eye out for disagreements. Recently I noticed that my fish were not feeding much on the algae that had built up a little in the pond so I realized I needed to feed them less fish food so that they would be forced to eat some of the algae. This related to my tendency to perhaps rescue others who actually need to fend for themselves a little. Whenever I hear a crow calling out to me I know that there are messages coming to me. Sometimes the number of crows or the number of times they cawk is also significant. Once I was out for a run and I noticed a crow calling out to me from a particular house. I felt impressed to send healing energy to the people who lived in that house. I seemed to see energetically a woman in the house who was ill.

With the change of the seasons upon us, I have been noticing that the activity in my backyard has changed as well. The squirrel activity has increased, and I am thinking that perhaps it is time to store a little away for the future. Today I noticed that there was absolutely no activity at all. No birds, no squirrels, unnaturally quiet. I took this as a sign that maybe I needed a little quiet time.

The key to getting messages from nature is not to observe only what is happening. Something is always happening. The key is to notice what you notice is happening. Your observation of what is happening is what the Angels are showing you to give you a message. There may be birds and squirrels all over the place and you may not pay attention to them at all but when you do, notice what you notice about what they are doing. I love to watch the squirrels play but my neighbor is always shooing them away. The squirrels seem to get on her porch and knock over her knickknacks or leave nuts on her furniture. She is noticing the disarray and the fact that her world has been interfered with. This may be a sign that she has some irritations around her, be it people or maybe something within herself. The squirrels have never messed with my stuff that I have outside. They may occasionally plant a nut in my hanging basket, knocking the dirt out of the pot and onto the ground, but this is not an irritation to me. To someone else it might be. Notice the feeling you get from things you observe. This may be a key in receiving a message from nature.

Last year the bees were an irritation to me. They had built nests all over my yard, and I found it difficult to pull weeds or do basic yard work due to the fact that they had intruded on my territory. This year I have had no such experiences. What was the lesson the bees had for me? They gave me quite a few lessons which I covered in blogs and chapters in my book, but I think I was learning about the blessing of just "being", not doing so much all the time. They prevented me from "doing" all the stuff I thought I needed to do, and I had to accept the fact that we all have to live on the earth together in harmony. This year I have learned to live in peace with the bees, and they with me.

We can make life on earth a chore or an adventure. We can find messages in all the little nooks and crannies of our day to day lives or we can miss all the great lessons that are out there, just waiting to be discovered. Let's open our eyes and find miracles awaiting our observation.

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