Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've been hearing and reading a lot about the energy of today, October 10,2010. I am not an expert in numerology, but I know the basic energy of the numbers. One is a number of beginnings. I believe that symbols only have meaning that we attach to them, as I have written about before. To one person the number one could mean that they are alone, while someone else may feel that it is a number encouraging them to try something new. In thinking about new beginnings, we have to consider that in order for there to be a beginning, there also has to be an ending of some kind. This morning while I was outside enjoying my morning run, I contemplated what I wanted today to hold for me, or what my Guides and Angels wanted me to focus on.

Yesterday on my run I noticed a couple of crows, which often follow me while I am outside running, only this time when I approached they both took off in flight away from me. I immediately got the message that the crows were no longer going to be my Spirit Guides. I was very sad but bid them farewell. They assured me that they would stop in periodically, but I would soon be introduced to a new power animal. There was my ending. So this morning I thought while I was running that I would contact the Other Side and try to connect with my new animal guide. Nothing. Then my Shaman Guide came to me and reminded me that yes, today is 10-10-10, but there are as many zeros in that combination of numbers as there are ones. Zero is a number of emptiness, of nothing. It is also a number of wholeness, since it has no beginning and no end. My Shaman Guide let me know that I had to experience nothingness before I could start something new. He also told me that my Spirit Animal had to choose me, that I could not choose it.

Now I know that not everyone who reads my blog connects with their Spirit Animals, so what does this mean for you? The message that I got this morning that the energy that many of us are experiencing now is the energy of newness. Many times we try to fill our lives with new things before ridding ourselves of the old. There has to be a period of time where we experience the nothingness of the in between the old and the new. It is only an empty cup that can be filled up with something new. If our cups are already full, our Guides can't fill us up with new stuff. I was talking to a friend who had recently went through a divorce and she said her friends were encouraging her to consider marrying again, and she said that she was just enjoying finding out who she was, without any input from someone else telling her who she was and what she liked. One day she realized she didn't even know what kind of shoes she liked because she had always just worn hand me downs. That is what I am talking about. There is a place of nothingness, where your soul has been emptied of all things that are no longer valid in your current experience, and the new has not happened yet. It is that place between the in breath and the out breath. That is the energy of today. It may last for a moment, like when you breathe out, and just for a moment there is nothing, and then the in breath fills you back up again. Or it may last a little more than a moment. But it is the necessary pause between what is past and what is coming.

And what is coming? You decide.

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  1. The inbetween breaths is where God resides.....thanks for this posting....I needed to be reminded of relishing being empty for a bit.