Wednesday, October 13, 2010


With it being the month of October, and Halloween coming up, my thoughts are turned to masks. My guides seemed to be hinting around about masks the other day when I forgot to put on my makeup and didn't realize it until I got to work. Normally I do not leave the house without a little bit of help from manufactured beauty, but for some reason I must have gotten in a hurry and my face slipped my mind. When I got to work I remembered and unfortunately it was too late to go back home. I was mortified. Immediately my guides said to me, it is time to stop covering up who you are. I was a little stunned because I thought I was pretty bold for writing a book and letting the world know that I hear voices and I write down what they tell me. Ah yes, they seemed to say, but not to everybody. It is time to be yourself no matter who is around. Okay.

So there is one group of people to whom I do not tell my stories. I don't even tell them I have written a book, although I guess it is only a matter of time until they found out. But, you have to understand. I used to get messages. And then I spoke up and gave the messages. And then my world turned upside down. And some of these people are still my friends. And when I am around them I am friendly. And we talk about the weather, our husbands, our yards, our children. I try to stay away from anything controversial. Am I wearing a mask?

So later on in the day I see one of these friends. And we talk a little. She asks me what I have been up to. Hmmm... I am remembering what my guides told me this morning. So I tell her I have written a book and that I blog a couple of times a week. And she asks what the subject is. And I say, oh, well, I write about my perspective on things that I experience. And messages. Messages from whom? What should I say?

To tell you the truth, I really don't remember exactly what I said. At this point I think that I can be myself and that we can have different views that we don't necessarily have to talk about. The problem was with me. I have been afraid to be myself around those who may not share my viewpoint. Why? I think it is not because I am afraid of having to defend my viewpoint. I don't really see the value in that. I believe each of us has our own viewpoint, and if it is different, I am completely okay with that. I believe that as long as our motivation is love, what does it matter what gets us to that place?

I believe that our Guides are always around to inspire us if we are open to their messages. They don't really care what names we call them. I get messages now that come from the same place as I got them all those many years ago. The key is to remember that they will always make us feel good. They will always inspire us to raise up to a higher vibration, and never a lower one. The fear I have of exposing my new belief system to my old friends is just a mask I wear. I am not sure what I am afraid of.

I am sure I will be writing more about masks because I am not completely sure I have taken my mask off completely yet. There are still things I don't know about myself. But I am sure of this. I am okay with who I am.

Just for today, pay attention to the masks you wear. Are you one person with one group of people and someone else depending who is around? Who is the person inside of your skin?

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