Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seeing Through A Foggy Windshield

I was talking to a friend about a reading she had received over a year ago by a trusted friend of mine. In the reading, she was told that in the coming year she would come to know unconditional love. She told me that there were only four months left in this year and she was still waiting.

This brought up some points I thought worth mentioning. Yes, I, too, sometimes give people messages and I understand that sometimes what I say may not happen exactly the way I thought or the recipient thought. Sometimes I could be wrong. Sometimes others that give messages could be wrong. Sometimes maybe what I say and what the recipient hears could be two different things. Maybe I will get a message through a picture of some sort and I may think it means one thing but it really means something else. Interpretation of the messages we get is sometimes the problem. I was watching "Medium" a couple of nights ago and the woman in the TV show had a dream which is how she normally gets her messages and she thought it meant one thing but it really meant something else. In the end one of her friends almost died. However, there was resolution in the end. Sometimes maybe Spirit wants us to get it wrong so we can experience certain things or that certain things can transpire to teach us something or lead us in a direction we had not considered. Yesterday I received the message that sometimes my vision gets cloudy like a windshield when it is raining. I was told by my guide that I could call upon the Spiritual Windshield Wiper Guide to clear things up for me when I was having trouble seeing clearly. Sounds funny doesn't it? My Guides just talk to me in parables that I will understand. They told me a long time ago they didn't really care what names I called them.

I think the important thing to remember when you get a message from Spirit having to do with your life is that you are the deciding factor. It is your life. Those of us who hear from Spirit are actually connecting with your Guides who are with you all the time and have your best interests at heart. However, your Guides never cross your free will. You may choose to go in a different direction than your Guide anticipated and it changes the whole scenario. In the end you are the creator of your life story. I remember getting a reading before my husband and I got married and she told me that he was not the one. However, she also told me that my soul mate was close to me in my aura and I would be meeting him soon. Well at the time my husband and I were broken up. We eventually got back together and we have been happily married for seven years now. Did the woman get it wrong? I think she saw him in my aura. She just got the names wrong. What if I had listened to her and not taken my husband back? I would have missed out on some very happy years.

We have to realize that getting messages from Spirit through the many channels available is for guidance and inspiration. We can receive some much needed support and direction. I received the idea to write blogs and books from a clairvoyant medium. But it was my choice whether or not to follow the advice and exactly how to move forward with the direction she gave me. I just thought it worth mentioning that we are always in charge of our own lives. We can choose to go in one direction or another. Sometimes things happen that aren't exactly the way we expected.

In the case of my friend, I have another blog about what unconditional love really is and how it could not possibly be the love she was expecting.


  1. As Dana Robinson says, the Spirit World is notoriously bad with TIME. And a lot has to do with what kind of work, progress, etc. a person is doing on her end. And as you point out, it's not just the information, but the interpretation of it. Lots to factor in with this human experience we are having! :-) H.