Friday, May 28, 2010

Early Morning Journey

A few days ago I was doing a soul retrieval for a man whose missing soul part was hiding under a chair at the age of four. I was trying to coax that part of his soul back and convince him to rejoin the rest of his soul who was missing him, now an adult. I was having trouble convincing this four year old soul part to come out from under the chair when an unusual thing happened. Another part of another person’s soul that I had journeyed for showed up. This second person did not know of my journey for him in the natural realm. He had been missing and his parents had asked for assistance in finding him. In the spiritual realm I had connected with his soul and communicated with him. But in the conscious world I still did not know if he was alive or not. When his soul showed up in another person’s soul retrieval, I was startled! I said to him, “what are you doing here?” to which he replied, ” I know who you are and what you are doing. I can help.” He then proceeded to coax the young soul out with candy, which brought the child soul out from under the chair immediately.

Upon telling my contact later about the incident, I learned that the young man was not dead, but had chosen to become inaccessable. That part of his soul that helped me may have been a missing part of his soul. I was asked if I could retreive his missing soul part without the permission of the young man himself, who was not communicating with his family. My immediate answer was, “I don’t know.” I could probably contact his soul and send him love and light, but other than that I think I need his permission.

So I did a journey for the young man early in the morning while his consciousness was probably still asleep. I travelled to his room where he slept and I saw his soul rise up out of his body. I asked that part of his soul if he would like to do a journey to find missing parts of himself. At first he was reluctant but then he agreed. I had my power animal with me which this time appeared as a black panther. His spirit animals also appeared, in the form of many household cats. At first we found ourselves at the beach. There was a bridge and part of his soul was sitting under the bridge. I introduced the two parts of this young man’s soul and asked if they would like to be reunited. We spent some time there, because the young man seemed to be afraid. Evidently he had possibly made some bad choices, and seemed to be hiding out here. I called upon the Angels and Beings of Light to surround us with their presence and imagined Love and Light all around. There were many forms of light, I assumed they were parts of his soul, and they entered into him in a line one right after the other. Then we traveled to when he was very young and we found ourselves surrounded by beings of Light. There was always love there and he remembered. Somehow the Love had gotten separated from him but when he remembered he said, Yes but it is too hard. I am tired of running and being afraid. I do not know any way out.

I took his soul with me on a journey into a story in the Old Testament of a city surrounded by enemies. The people inside the city were starving because the enemy had cut off all entrances into the city. The prophet had just gotten up and spoken and promised that this time tomorrow there would be food and provisions and the enemy would be gone. The king had reprimanded the prophet. But the people rejoiced. They had taken up singing and dancing all throughout the city. We joined the procession of dancers and singers and danced around the city walls. Then nightime came and there was a great noise. At dawn the beggars sitting outside the city walls had decided to take their chances and go into the enemy camp to try to beg for food. At their arrival they realized that there was no enemy. They had gotten up and fled in the middle of the night, leaving all their provisions, their weapons, and even the tents they slept in! There was great joy as the people in the city ran into the camp and found food enough for all as well as any kind of provisions they needed. There were even jewels and treasures from the enemies previous exploits. All the people danced and sang and rejoiced! This journey let this young man know that they key to miracles was not in hiding in fear but in trust and faith and the raising up of the vibration of hope and joy. The singing and dancing the day before had caused the fear of the people to subside so that the salvation of their city could be orchestrated by the Higher Realms.

After this I was able to take the young man back to his bed and rejoin his soul with his body. I may never know what becomes of this man. I may never meet him or hear anything about his outcome. But I know we journeyed together this morning and the rest is up to him.

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