Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sixth Sense

Years ago there was a movie called the Sixth Sense that became wildly popular. In the movie a psychologist was counseling a child who had the ability to see dead people. In the end it was revealed that the psychologist was himself dead and didn’t know it. It is said that often spirits that are wandering around on the earth have no idea that they are dead. This, however, is not the subject I want to undertake at this time.

I remember at the time of this movie I was often getting messages from watching movies. I was quite an annoyance to my daughter, who, upon taking her to see some movie, I would constantly interrupt the watching of the movie to give her my spiritual interpretation of the meaning of this movie or that. She would often lament to me… Stop it mom.. I just want to watch the movie!!

I remember the message the Angels had for me when watching the Sixth Sense. It had nothing to do with dead people or people who thought they were alive but were really dead ( oh, where I could go with that one! The whole world is full of people walking around who don’t realize that they are dead inside!!) No that wasn’t my message. The message I received was near the end of the movie when the psychologist finally realizes that he was dead. The child in the story told him that he could communicate with his wife by talking to her while she was sleeping. He could tell her goodbye so that she could go on with her life! When that part of the movie came, which by the way was a minor scene, and when I remind people of that scene, they usually don’t even remember it, but when that scene came, it was like lightning flashed across the sky and I realized the power of that statement. I knew instantly that I could communicate with people souls while they were asleep. In particular I could say things to people that I had been unable to say in their presence.

This has been a valuable tool for me over the years. I have been able to communicate with people that I have been unable to communicate with face to face, for various reasons. I always try to communicate love, because usually when there is a lapse in a relationship or when there are issues that cannot be talked about face to face, it is a lack of love in one way or another. However, in some instances it has been to break off soul ties that have kept one or both of us in bondage. I have found in my own life that I have the tendency to attract souls that are emotionally needy, and I can actually feel their souls feeding on me and draining my energy, and at times it is necessary to tell those souls to back off. This is also an act of love, since it is never healthy for one soul to feed off of another. On the other hand, I have also been the needy soul at one time or another, and I have had to deal with those relationships also while the other person slept, apologizing for my neediness and breaking off any emotional ties so that both of us could heal and move on with our lives.

I do want to communicate that it is never a good idea to try to control or manipulate a person’s soul or their will by communicating with them while they are sleeping. This will only backfire. One of the cardinal rules of the Universe is that we can never manipulate the will of another person. This is always forbidden. We can send a person love and light and ask our Source to administer that love in a way that is most beneficial for that person and according to the will and plan of that person for his own life, but we can never decide what is best for another person. If you try to communicate with another person while they are sleeping and it is something not in their best interests, then look out. The Universe will see that your will is manipulated in the same degree you attempted to manipulate someone else. Always have that person’s best interests at heart when communicating with them.

I have never heard or read of anyone else ever trying this method of communication. I am sure the Angels revealed it to me because I was ready for it. I have even used it when I have an appointment of one kind or another to communicate to the person I would be seeing exactly what I would like to see happen or what my expectations are of the meeting or appointment. It is always in the best interests of both parties to be in sync before any type of meeting. It saves valuable time for both concerned. At times after communicating with a person before an appointment, I will get a call cancelling said appointment. I always know it is Spirit telling me that this meeting was not going to be beneficial.

There are always messages out there for us and the Angels are always finding new ways of expressing them to us. We just have to be open to their whispers.

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