Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Radio Frequency?

I've noticed, especially since I started blogging, that sometimes my channel is clear and I can just focus in and immediately start receiving messages, and sometimes I hear nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sometimes I hear messages, but when I start writing them down the message doesn't flow. I know when this happens that it is not time for this message to be heard (or read). I still have messages I am waiting for it to be time to write them down.

Recently I was asking my Guides why this was the case. Why do I sometimes hear so clearly and sometimes I hear nothing? This is the answer I received. I thought it might be helpful to others because I am sure that others hear messages from their Guides as well, and maybe others might want to.

Hearing messages from the Non Physical realms is like tuning into a radio frequency. You have to tune your inner signal to receive the signal from the other side, and you have to tune into the frequency from which the Other Side is transmitting. The best way to do this is through meditation. How a person meditates varies from individual to individual. I mentioned before that I was hearing messages long before I ever learned how to meditate, when I was practicing Christianity, but I had my own form of meditation, I just probably called it something else. The best way I can explain it is to say that each of us has our own frequency, and we must be familiar with our own frequency in order to be able to fine tune it so that we can tune into the Other Side. The Angels and Guides also vibrate at their own frequency, and the way to hear their messages is to tune into the frequency from which they are broadcasting.

Just like a radio has a multitude of stations from which we can choose, so it is with spirit. There are a multitude of vibrations out there, and the higher we can tune our own personal signals, the higher the messages we will receive. Believe it or not, there are stations out there broadcasting messages that are not in our best interests. If our vibrations are not finely tuned, we may mistakenly tune into a station that may lead us astray. It is very important to focus on love and light and ask for the highest possible guidance available to us. It is also important to make sure that our own personal vibrations are not being compromised by the lower energies of hatred, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, or bitterness. It is almost impossible to get messages of love and light if our own personal vibrations are full of these lower emotions. Before attempting to contact the higher realms, make sure you do an inner inventory to rid yourself of any lower emotions that may hinder the broadcast.

The last thing my Guides told me was to make sure I always come into their presence with respect. When they are assisting me in my life, it is always because I have requested their assistance. They never come in to save the day if I don't ask for Their help. They would appreciate the same consideration. No, we are not going to come in and save the day for our Guides and Angels, but we must respect their territory. Don't demand certain outcomes or break the Universal rules. One of the biggest Universal rules is that we can never manipulate the will of another human being. So don't bother asking for things that contradict what someone else may want in their life. We can always ask for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned, but we can't say what that outcome is. We must respect the rules, respect each other, respect the earth we live on and the other inhabitants of the earth as well, whether human, animal, or mineral.

Just like a radio signal, communication with the Other Realms is always available, just like a radio signal is always broadcasting. Sometimes there is interference, sometimes the signal is too far away, sometimes the transmitter is weak.Sometimes our emotions, our health, our lives get in the way of our ability to pick up the signal. Sometimes we might not like what we are hearing. We might want to change the channel.

There are many reasons why messages come through loud and clear at times and then other times there is silence. It is important during those silent times to maintain the practice of going within. In time the transmission will clear up. It may be necessary to "tweak" the dial a little. But the Angels and Guides are always there.

Thanks to all the Angels and Guides for their continued support. Thanks to listening to my questions and responding.

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