Monday, May 17, 2010

Non Physical Journeys

Lately I have had the opportunities to make some trips into nonphysical reality. I learned this technique from a book by Sandra Ingerman and it seems I am pretty good at it. I am sure that I have done these trips into nonphysical reality in previous lives because Sandra suggests going to classes to get real hands on training, but when my attempts at gaining access to these classes seemed blocked, I took it as a message that this was not the path for me at this time. I have written in previous blogs about some of these trips I have taken and some of the information I have gained, but I wanted to kind of describe the process a little.

Usually for traditional shamanic journeys, there is a drummer or some drumming music on a cd. This is supposed to put your brain in a certain wavelength to be open to these non physical journeys. As described in the book, usually a person will lie down and listen to the beat of the drum, and complete darkness is recommended in the book. However, when I tried this method, I tended to fall asleep, so my inclination is to think that this is not the best method for me. I have described in previous blogs how I seem to be most open to non physical journeys while exercising, either running outside or on the elliptical machine. I can go into nonphysical reality easily while running outside with no music, but on the elliptical I usually like music with a fast beat and little or no meaningful words. Some music distracts me, but sometimes words will come through the songs as a message. If the words seem to stand out to me or feel like someone is saying them directly to me, then I know it is spirit using the words in the music to communicate with me.

I started out doing journeys for myself or my immediate family. I once did a journey for my grandson who was afraid of the water. His mother, being part fish, did not feel this was acceptable behavior for someone who was going to be exposed to water on a regular basis just by being her son. I was able to do the journey without him being present with me, and, being only four in his physical age, this was probably a good idea. I asked my Guides who appear to me in animal form to accompany me and I went on a journey into the nonphysical realm in search for the part of his soul that is connected to water. This part of his soul was easily retrieved and the next day my daughter took him to the river where they regularly swim and he jumped right in.

Recently my daughter was having some other issues with him and asked me to do another journey. My grandson is a very old soul even though in his body he is only four. This time when I journeyed I accessed that part of his soul that is wise and evolved and in previous lives was a healer. I reminded him that his hands contain healing energy and that he should only touch others with hands of love (he was having some aggression issues.) I kept hearing in the journey that he needed to be told, Remember who you are!! The next day I saw him and asked him if he remembered the journey. (he was not there. He lives two hours from me and I did the journey while he was asleep so I could access his soul which is more in charge when his personality is asleep.) He said he did remember the journey and I told him once again to remember who he was. I also told my daughter to say this to him as well whenever she had issues with him and to remind him that she would always be there and would never leave.

Recently I was at a social event with a friend who I have done journeys for and she introduced me as her shaman. This was very flattering to me but I am not sure I have earned the title. She has assured me that the journeys were very powerful to her and I am sure she would not have introduced me that way if she didn’t think it was true. I am looking forward for the opportunity to be used by Spirit in this way.


  1. Thank you. I read this to my son who has told me just doesn't want to go swimming multiple times as he said he drowned in another lifetime. I told him he needs to go find that missing part of himself. I'll have to try meditating to some drumming music to see if I can do this, because I'm sure I have pieces of myself scattered all over!

  2. Thank you. I read this to my son because he has told me many times that he isn't interested in swimming because he thinks he drowned in a past life. I told him to go out and find that part of himself, because I believe he's capable of doing that. I'm gonna have to get some drumming music and give this a try; I'm sure I have many parts of myself scattered all over out there!

  3. cool....maybe you should lead our next session since it's on shamanism....LOL