Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday I was on the elliptical machine and listening to my music and the song "Blue" came on. I remember it from several years ago and always loved this song. It talks about a man who lives in a blue house and drives a blue car and his grass is blue and his wife and kids are blue. All he sees is blue. The gist of the song is that the man's thinking was blue so it affected everything he saw and experienced.

How true this is! How we are brought up and the beliefs we grow up with and are taught as children have a great affect on how we view the world. How many times do we choose to view things with only one perspective?

What if there were only blue crayons in the crayon box? What if there were only apples and no oranges and no pineapples?

I think sometimes we get a case of the "supposed to's" Life is supposed to be this way and there are no other options. Many times we think that our lives are supposed to turn out one way or another and when it turns out that something happens that upsets our view of how our lives should turn out, a part of our soul flees to the spirit world to sulk. Or perhaps a portion of our spirit stays with a person who left us or stayed in a house that we loved but for some reason had to move from. Maybe there was some sort of accident that left us or a loved one injured. Have you ever felt like some event happened and after that, you just weren't yourself anymore? Your world was blue and all of a sudden the Universe threw in a pink or a yellow and you didn't know how to cope?

All of us can think of events that completely changed our view of the world and how it worked. The key when something like this happens is to completely be present in the event and grieve it and then move on. Do not let part of your soul stay in that place. And what do you do if you just can't get past it? You have to be willing to move on. You have to be willing to accept that your life did not end after that event. You have to welcome the part of yourself back that you lost. You have to convince that part of yourself that it is safe to come back. You have to love yourself and the part of yourself that you lost.

The world is not just blue. It is full of pinks and purples and yellows and greens. We may like blue best but to experience life to the fullest we have to be willing to experience the greens and the yellows as well as the blues. We have to learn to think outside the box that we ourselves built. And we have to be willing to accept the fact that people around us may not see any blue at all. Maybe they only see in yellow and their whole world is yellow. It's okay. One day the blue will show up and life will change for them forever.

So don't be surprised if one day you wake up in your blue world and suddenly see pink. I told you it was coming.

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