Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been paying attention lately to mirrors. It seems that there is a message there for me. When I open a book to read, I will often not start from the beginning, but open up to a page randomly and read what is there. Lately when I open a book, the work mirrors will pop out at me. More than once. Mirrors represent a reflection of ourselves. How do I see myself? Do I look into a mirror and see all the flaws or do I see a reflection of the Divine?

It is said that our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. If we are living a life of quiet desperation, could it be that there are issues inside that are needing some attention? If our outer lives are filled with chaos and confusion, could there be some inner work necessary?

Recently I was doing a meditation and one of the parts of this meditation was that we were to accept ourselves. Accept the things we like about ourselves, and then accept the things we don't like. If it is true that what we focus on grows, could it be that until we accept and love those things we don't like, but focus on trying to change them, that we will continue to do battle with those parts of ourselves? What do you see when you look into a mirror? Are you happy with what you see? If not, why not try loving and accepting those parts of yourself you are not happy with? Accept those areas of your life that you maybe try to keep hidden, from yourself or others, and then just let them go.

While I was doing this meditation of accepting myself, I could see myself walk into the room and sit down on the bed next to me. I welcomed this part of myself and invited her to stay. I could feel her enter back into my body. It was a mirror of the person I am now. She didn't look any different, she wasn't a me from my past. Evidently there was a part of me that had separated and needed to be welcomed back home. I have learned that there are fragments of our souls that sometimes separate from us and wander off, usually during periods of trauma, but not always. I have a part of my soul that has told me that she sometimes wanders off because she is bored. It is important to get those fragments back, so that we can be whole. I have learned how to journey into the realm of the non physical and retrieve those parts of souls that are missing.

The next time you look into a mirror, I invite you to accept yourself. Remember that everything that is happening in your life on the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. Ask yourself what lessons you need to learn at this time so that you can move on to the next level. Remember to love all those parts of yourself so that you can be whole.

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