Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthing New Things

I am learning that the process to giving birth to new parts of ourselves or new things in our lives is somewhat like giving birth in the natural to a newborn baby. I believe that we can learn lessons from all of the wonders of the natural world, and this is no exception. I was given this analogy yesterday as I was driving home from a hiking trip with my daughter and grandson. They live about two hours from me so I had lots of quiet time on the trip down and back to contemplate life and connect with Spirit and ask if They had anything to relate to me.

I like to listen to electronica music. I have been told by my Guides and Angels that this is because it most closely resembles the music that I am used to hearing in between lives in the particular part of the Universe where I am from. It is a lower version of the music of that realm, but it is the one that most closely resembles it. I don't try to filter the messages, I am just relaying what they told me. Anyway, I was driving home yesterday and listening to my electronica music on my satellite radio,and I could almost feel a chant coming up from inside of me. The words were unrecognizable to my English speaking brain, but I thought, oh well, I am by myself other than the other drivers on the road, I am just going to let it flow.
I felt myself chanting to the beat of the music, and I was asking Spirit, what is this? I heard the reply from Spirit that I was giving birth in the Spirit to what was about to occur in the physical realm. All that happens in the physical realm happens in the Spirit realm first.

I asked Spirit to explain. My Guides told me that when a woman first finds out she is pregnant, she doesn't expect the birth to happen overnight. Many times when we are implanted with a desire in our lives, we think that we can bring it to pass in very little incubation time. But a pregnant woman knows that there is a particular time frame involved in the birth of a baby. Even when she is obviously with child and it is only, say seven months into the pregnancy, she doesn't wonder why she hasn't given birth yet. She doesn't give up and say, oh, well, maybe I wasn't really pregnant, maybe I wasn't meant to have a baby after all. She knows she will give birth when the time is right. She buys furniture and clothes for the baby. She prepares a room or at least a part of a room for the baby. She decides on a name.

In the same way, when you or I have desires and dreams, we have to let the incubation period run its course. We can't decide that maybe it is not meant to be, or maybe I made a mistake, maybe God or Source changed His mind, maybe I am not ready. It is up to me to decide if indeed I want to birth this new thing, and think about it, and prepare for it until I can feel like it is already here.

Whether it is a new job, or a new relationship, or a new home, or a change in direction, realize that this new thing is like an embryo inside the womb of your spirit. You have to nurture it, prepare for it, love it before it even happens. You have to know it is going to happen when it is the right time and no sooner. Get the room ready.

What about the chanting thing? What does that have to do with birthing a baby? I think it may be that I was preparing myself for a new realm of journeying in the nonphysical realm. I was birthing that new part of myself. Maybe I was hearing the language of the Angels, unfiltered into English and I was just repeating what I was hearing. Maybe the Angels or Beings of Light are preparing me to hear more accurately.

Whatever it is that you want to birth, or change in your life, see yourself doing it. See yourself working that new job, or enjoying that new relationship, or living in that new home. Remember that every thought is a prayer to the Unseen realms. What are you thinking about? That is what you are praying for. That is what you are birthing into your life. Choose those thoughts wisely.

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