Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missing Parts

It seems that lately Spirit has had me focusing on nonphysical journeys to recover lost parts of people's souls that seem to have separated from the person's body and retreated to a place in the spirit world. As I mentioned previously, usually this is due to trauma, usually in this life but sometimes there are parts of souls that have been missing since a previous life, or before a person is born while they are in the womb.

I am noticing at the present time that sometimes the part of the person's soul that has separated is the direct opposite of the main personality traits of the person standing in front of me. In other words, using myself for an example, I have noticed that the part of me that I found to be missing was the playful, fun side, in direct opposition to the hard working responsible person I wake up with every morning. Sometimes Spirit will overcompensate for the missing part, surrounding a person whose playful side is missing with people who are over- related to their playful side and under- related to their responsible side. This is not always easy for a hard working, responsible person to take, especially if they are missing that part of themselves who likes to play.

When my husband and I first moved into the house where we now lived, I immediately noticed upon meeting all my neighbors that they are were very in tune with their Christian side. Having disowned this part of myself, the Universe had compensated by surrounding me with them. Now I would like to qualify this statement with the fact that they are all wonderful people and treated us royally. But I could only see their cars pulling out of their driveways on Sunday morning to go to church and I was sure that they all thought that we were heathens, especially given the fact that I placed a large Buddha out in the back yard by my newly built pond. I have been forced to confront that part of myself that had retreated when I separated myself from mainstream Christianity and welcome that part of me back, integrating that side of myself with my present set of beliefs in order to be whole.

How do we know what parts of us need to be recovered? I never try to figure it out myself. My Guides always reveal to me which parts are ready to be recovered. Sometimes a person may know themselves and tell me what they are looking to accomplish in a session. I have mentioned before that I often can go into nonphysical reality during exercise. This is mostly for myself or a relative. Usually if I am doing a recovery for another person they have to be there with me. I have various ways of going into that place of discovery in the other realm. The Guides always reveal to me what needs to be revealed and no more.

We can all do inner inventory to see if there are parts of our souls that need to be recovered. If we are out of balance in any area of our lives or if we notice in others that we seem to attract a certain quality in our relationships that we don't like, then that is a good sign that there is a part of ourselves we have disowned. That hardworking side of me I mentioned before has been somewhat unbalanced and I am looking to find that spontaneous, adventurous side that I am not sure I have known in this life.

The good news is that we are all works in progress. We don't arrive at enlightenment. Each step forward is a reason to celebrate!

Welcome back to all the parts of myself I am recovering. Thanks for coming out of hiding.

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