Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birds and Squirrels

The other day I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for the light to turn and I was just sitting observing life. I happened to notice a young man walking across the street while the light was in his favor. There would have been nothing unusual about this except for that I happened to notice at the same time that a bird had been sitting or hopping around in the grass just doing what birds do, looking for worms or whatever. At the very moment the young man crossed the street the bird took flight and flew directly behind the young man, completely out of his view. He obviously did not notice the bird or think anything unusual was happening. When he got across the street the bird flew up high and sat on a wire. I really don't know why I happened to notice this incident except for the fact that I immediately got the message that this particular bird was actually this young man's spirit guide who had shapeshifted into a common blackbird. My Guide assured me that our Spirit Guides often take the form of common birds and animals who happen across our paths.

After I received this information from my Guide I began to think back and I seem to remember that a couple of years ago I had a frog who sat around my pond. Unlike normal frogs, he never jumped in when I approached. He allowed me to come within a couple of inches from him and even allowed me to take photos. Now that I think back, he may have been one of my Guides or Guardian Angels. I am sure he was somewhat of an enchanted frog, whoever he was.

At another time, my husband took notice of a squirrel who we eventually named Molly. She was not like other squirrels. She came down close to us and eventually ate peanuts out of our hands. She became so tame that she liked to sit on our laps and eat peanuts. Who knows. Maybe she was also an enchanted squirrel. After some time she eventually stopped coming around. It is comforting to think that maybe she was one of our Guides who was taking form and interacting with us, occasionally even kissing us( my husband taught her to take peanuts out of our mouths.)

There are so many incidents we all can think of that involve animals interacting with us. Who knows. Some of our interesting experiences could be interactions with our Guides or Angels. Ever since this revelation from my Guide, I have paid more attention to the birds and animals with which I come into contact. I am not saying that every bird is a Guide, but who knows which ones are. I am sure we are all closely connected. Sometimes I can feel the trees in my backyard have wisdom to share with me. I like to sit at the base of the trees with my back up against them and listen to see what they might have to say to me. I often feel the crows calling out to me when I am running. I know when they are around that a message will soon follow.

As we travel through life, we must know we are not alone. We are all interconnected. Our Guides and Angels can connect with us without us even realizing they are around. It is fun to imagine where they might be.

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