Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recovering Missing Soul Parts

Recently I was doing a journey for a friend and I was made aware of a very common way to lose a part of our souls. During the journey I was given a vision of this person walking down a busy street full of people. Her romantic partner was also in the crowd but was a little ahead of her in the crowd and unaware of her presence behind him. There was also the face of a woman who kept appearing to me in the vision in the same vicinity of her partner. Of course my friend wanted to know if her partner was having an affair. The answer was not given to me but I was given the insight that her partner had lost a piece of his soul to this woman at some point, and that she had given a part of her soul to him, probably during a romantic interlude, but whether it had happened during his relationship to my friend I didn’t know. However I was given the insight that every time my friend was intimate with her partner, this part of this woman’s soul was there, and in the same token a part of his soul was not there but present with this woman.

My Guides told me that we frequently lose parts of our souls to those with whom we are intimate, and we may inadvertently steal parts of our romantic partners souls as well. Many of us may be walking around with parts of the souls of many partners, or even persons with whom we may have had some deep soul connection. We did not intentionally steal parts of their souls, and they probably did not steal parts of ours, but it is important to get those parts back, in order for us to function as emotionally healthy adults.

It is not necessary to go to a shaman to retrieve those parts of our souls back, although this is always an option if we seem to be having trouble gaining those parts back ourselves, but I am going to give you a couple of meditations to do in order to retrieve those lost parts of ourselves.

Imagine yourself standing in a place that you love, usually a place in nature works best. Ask your Guides to bring to your mind the faces of those who you have had a deep soul connection with that possess a part of your soul that you need to get back. It may be that there was not a deep soul connection, but you still lost a piece of yourself. When you see that person’s face, ask them to give you back the piece of the soul that they possess. Usually they will gladly give it back to you, because usually they had no idea that they had taken it or that you had given it to them. Occasionally there may be some that are not willing to give those soul parts back, but if that is the case, enlist the help of your Guides. Then ask your Guides to show you if there are any pieces of souls that you need to give back. Imagine yourself giving those parts back to those from whom you took parts of their souls, whether you were aware of it or not. Give the parts back with love and receive your soul parts back also with love. Welcome those parts back that you have lost. Thank those parts for coming back.

Don’t obsess over whether your current partner has lost pieces of his or her soul to other partners and especially whether these occurrences have happened during your relationship or not. Our souls know when it is safe to come forward to be healed and the Universe will eventually tell us anything we need to know when we need to know it. Focus on healing yourself and as an emotionally healthy soul your Higher Self will choose when to reveal things to you that you need to know.

As our souls heal and as we regain parts of ourselves that we have lost, we raise our vibration to a higher level. We always choose to be in relationship with those that vibrate at a similar frequency as ourselves. If our vibration changes significantly, sometimes our relationships change as well. The Universe will orchestrate this and we do not need to focus on it or try to figure things out.

Remember that our Guides and Angels always have our best interests at heart and everything that is or is not revealed to us is always for our Highest Good. As we progress on our journey things are revealed to us that will benefit us at that particular time. Always thank the Guides and Angels for being with us on our journey.

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