Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Shift

The other day someone asked me what the Angels were telling me about "The Shift." If anyone who reads my blogs also reads the writings of others who are listening to the messages of the Higher Realms, it has been a theme lately that the earth is going through a shift, that our bodies are being shifted into a higher frequency, and that this frequency would eventually bring about a world of more peace, understanding and love. I had not asked the Angels about the shift, although I have been reading what others are saying and contemplating how I felt about this message.

Let me give you a little background of my life as a child. I was brought up in the Christian faith, specifically in the sect of Christianity that taught "the Rapture." This was a similar field of thought, one that maintained that Jesus was coming back to earth to take all those to heaven who had accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, leaving all the "sinners" here on earth to fend for themselves. Apparently since the earth would be void at that time of all of the energy of good, evil would run rampant until the time when the earth was destroyed and a new earth would emerge for all those good people that Jesus took with him. As a child I must have accepted Jesus as my savior a hundred times just to make sure I made the boat. Why did I have to do this so many times? I never felt any different after I said the prayer. Shouldn't I feel something? If I was born again, shouldn't I feel like a different person? Shouldn't I glow or something? After years of struggling in Christianity to "make the grade", I guess I have been shying away from this talk of the "shift." It sounded a little too familiar.

One of the "channelings" I read said that we would actually start to glow a little. There were articles that gave symptoms we should be feeling, thoughts that we should be thinking, changes in our bodies, etc. I am not opposed to these articles. Obviously if I thought there was no validity in these channelings I would not be reading them. However, I was still trying to maintain an objective mind. You have to understand, I spent years waiting for Jesus to come back, trying to be a good enough Christian that Jesus would not leave me behind.

Fast forward forty years or so. Now I am face to face with another story of a better life, a better world, a more loving place. This story is a little different but has a lot of the same aspects. A new heaven and a new earth. A more loving environment. Is there anything I have to do to be worthy of this new world? Well apparently you just have to choose. Hmmm ... sounds familiar. Only this time your soul has chosen already and you may not even be consciously aware that you have chosen anything.

Hey I am up for anything that will make the world a more loving place. Have the Angels specifically told me anything about the Shift?  This is what my Angels have told me. "Joy, you just concentrate on living your day to day life in a loving way. Be open to new things, but don't believe everything you read or hear. Things are changing. Those that are on the earth are the ones who have the ability to change the earth into a better and more loving place. Don't be looking around saying.. this person is shifting but this one isn't. Also don't look at yourself  and say, I wonder if I am shifting. I am not feeling these symptoms I am supposed to be feeling. Or maybe I am. Or maybe I just have a cold. Or maybe I am tired because I have been doing a lot of stuff."

Bottom line. The more we think about a better world, the faster our collective consciousness will create it. Hopefully we do have help from the Higher Realms. I do know that the higher my thoughts are, the better my life goes. Sometimes I get good messages, sometimes the messages are challenging. They all make me a stronger person. Is there an actual shift going on? I hope so.  So far I don't feel any different. Now after I read all those articles, sure I could say, oh yes, I have been tired. Oh yes, my muscles have been aching a bit, but I think it's because I exercise every day. I don't want to be one of those people who just believe anything because someone "channeled" it.  I don't disbelieve it, but my Angels have told me nothing about a new heaven and a new earth yet. Maybe my Angels are out of touch, but I prefer to think that they maybe think that its something I don't need to concentrate on right now. Right now I just need to be kind to my neighbor, love my customers, love my husband, love myself, my frog in my backyard and my trees and all the things that touch my life everyday. And as I fill my life with more love, then I just "shift" without thinking about it. 

Right now, to me, the "shift" is just learning to love more, doing the things I am meant to do and the rest will take care of itself.

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