Monday, August 15, 2011

The Shoe

I was sitting at the front desk at the Post Office where I work. It was one of those rare moments when the phone was not ringing and there were no customers needing assistance. I happened to notice a baby shoe sitting in front of me on top of the computer monitor. Obviously it was dropped accidentally by a customer, or I should say, by the newborn child of a customer. I am sure when mommy or daddy noticed that the shoe was gone, they had been long gone from the Post Office and have no idea where the shoe disappeared to.

I received a message from my Angels about things that we lose. We are navigating our way through life, and along the way we lose a piece of ourselves. Sometimes we may not know where we lost that piece, we just know that there is something missing and we don't know where it is. It may be through no fault of our own. If we lose a piece of ourselves as an infant, or possibly in a previous lifetime, we may go through life feeling like there is something missing, but not knowing exactly what it is or how to get it back. Eventually we may get used to not having it and we compensate for the lack of it. We may notice that other people seem to have their lives all together and we just seem to have trouble functioning normally.

How does this happen? How is it possible that we lose pieces of our soul? How do we get them back if we don't even remember losing them and have no idea where to go and look for that missing piece?

It may be that certain activities or relationships or events trigger that feeling of something being missing. It may be that a painful relationship left a piece of ourselves with the person with whom we had a painful relationship. It may be that some sort of trauma caused our souls to flee into the non physical realm, where that piece of ourselves now resides, waiting for the time when we come looking for ourselves. Remember several years ago the popular phrase.... I need to find myself? Many times we lose ourselves in events or relationships and have no idea who we really are deep inside.

Sometimes it takes someone trained in visiting the non physical realms to assist us in the location of those pieces of our soul that are missing. I once found a piece of a woman's soul in a cartoon movie, primarily around cartoon rabbit figures, because her inner child did not want to be around adults. She felt that adults were not happy and it took some convincing on my part to bring that part of this woman's soul back, so that she could enjoy more completely her life as an adult.

Finding lost pieces of ourselves seems to be an ongoing process. Every time we have a very emotional event, or a strong connection with another person, our souls connect to that place in time or that other person and form a soul tie. We have to consciously want to heal those places within ourselves that are wounded and find those pieces of our souls that have lost their way.

When we find those lost pieces of our souls we are catapulted forward as we travel our path through this lifetime and we regain a portion of the joy we were meant to experience as we journey through life. And isn't that the point? Having joy and remembering our true essence, that is ultimately what our souls are traveling toward.

When you are out and about and see an object that someone has lost, or you lose something yourself, think about what message that object may have for you. If it is a shoe it may be that you have lost your way. If it is a wallet, then maybe your identity or your means of supply has been lost. Remember that the Angels want to help you find your way. All you have to do is ask.

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