Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Changes of Clothes and a Hairdryer

Recently I posted a blog with this same title and after a few hours I removed the post, rethinking my decision to write about a difficult time in my past. However, during those few hours that it was public, apparently it was read, and enjoyed, so, even though I deleted the post, I am going to try to recreate the story to the best of my memory.

With the recent events concerning another stock market crash and the uncertainty of life in general, I am reminded of a time in my past when my future was uncertain and how I dealt with the circumstances to which I found myself. My reason for sharing this story is to show that whatever life has dealt us, we can choose to react with fear and anger, or we can choose to react with resolve and love. This is the determining factor that leads to how these stories resolve themselves.

In my early years I was frequently exposed to lack. This lack seemed to occur during my first marriage. We struggled financially during our entire marriage. We went through times when we spent weeks living on hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We spent a portion of time when all our furniture got repossessed, forcing us to sit on lawn chairs and sleep on mattresses on the floor. Eventually things got a little better, but the struggling financially seemed to always haunt us.After eighteen years of struggling, for many reasons, including the ones previously mentioned, I decided to move out. Because my daughter had chosen to remain with her father, I chose not to take a lot of "stuff" with me. At the beginning, I was marched out of the house with five changes of clothes and my hairdryer. I remember at that moment feeling like I had just been released from prison. With nowhere to go and nothing to my name, I felt free.

From the very beginning, I chose not to fight. I did go back for a few things, including a mattress to sleep on and my treadmill (hey, a girl has to have her priorities). However, I had decided from the very beginning to always say affirmations (prayers, positive confessions, whatever you want to call them) that whatever was best for everyone concerned would be accomplished. I have learned that if it seems that something is good for someone else but is not good for me, then it is not the best for everyone concerned. I have lived years denying myself for the good of everyone else, and this ends up being a toxic condition. In the end, ten years later, it seems that everything that I gave up for my freedom has been replaced.

This is the moral of my story. Always look for the good in every circumstance. Always thank God and the Angels for your blessings, no matter how small. Always consider yourself to be worthy of being happy. When you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself or worry about something, I bet there is a time in your life when things were worse. Remembering those times makes whatever you are going through now seem not so bad. If not, then it is possible that getting through whatever challenges you are facing now will be what you remember in the future when you are facing hard times. Always pray for the best for everyone concerned. ( I saw on the news today about a divorced couple and the husband has a blog called .. My psycho ex wife... I can imagine what he is like to be around and what energy he is inviting into his life.....just saying......)Sometimes what is the best for someone is not what they think it is, especially if it is to the hurt of someone else.......

I remember during those times my Angels constantly said to me.. You can choose to be bitter or you can choose to be better......choose better.......let it go.....let it go......

Last but not least....whatever does not kill us makes us stronger.......

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