Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Keys

I recently related that I had received no messages from the Angels in quite some time. Initially this did not alarm me, because summer was approaching and I was desiring a break to enjoy the summer, my favorite season. My husband and I enjoy spending time in nature, hiking, picnicking, or going to the beach, and last summer most of the summer was spent either working or doing healing work for friends and clients. This year I had determined that I was going to make sure I made room in my appointment book for myself. Evidently the Angels heard my request even though I did not voice it to Them. The silence began. No messages. No dreams. I did have a few healing sessions booked which were very successful. Also I had learned a technique for crossing over souls who were stuck in the in between realms and needed assistance crossing over. This was also a successful venture. But no messages for blogs.

I did spend time meditating as usual, going on nonphysical journeys into the spirit realm but most of the time I would end up falling asleep or not feeling like I had touched the other side. I did know that apparently there was some "stuff" going on the spiritual realms, and that our bodies were being synchronized with a new energy, and I thought maybe that was what was happening.

I did receive one message recently that in order to move forward I needed to see myself as a healer and a messenger, not just a Postal employee who occasionally heard messages from the Angels. This was confirmed a couple of times in a couple of different ways. Then came Saturday morning. I had gone to work around 6am and was taking a break around 8 or so. I was sitting in my car and I happened to look at my keys sitting there in the ignition of the car. I heard the Angels loud and clear. They said this to me.

"Joy, what if you tried to put your house key in the ignition? Would that key start your car?"

  "Of course not," I replied.

"So in order to start your car you have to put the correct key in the ignition, is that right?"

"Yes, so what is the point?"

"So many times you have the keys in your hands to start your car, and you try to put the wrong keys into the ignition, and then you wonder why your car won't start. You can have a whole handful of keys, but only one of those keys starts your car. You are going to have to remember that you have in your hands the keys to anything you want. But you have to use the right key for the right situation. You have a key to start your car, and a different one to open the house, and a different one to use at work. Different keys are for different uses. It is so important to use the right keys."

They continued. "If you or someone you know is having trouble in a certain area of their lives, maybe it is because they are using the wrong key to open up that area of their life. Tell them that if one key does not work, then all they have to do is try another key."

I thought about that old saying that if a door closes another one opens, but so often we look so hard at the door that has closed, that we pay no attention to the one that has opened. I guess this is just another analogy of the same message. So it seems that a door has closed. The key I am holding in my hand does not open this door. So I guess the message is that I am to go look for another door that the key in my hand works for and open that other door.

What the Angels told me was that yes, indeed, they heard my request for summer off. And they shut up. I did not make my request directly to them. But I thought to myself, I want to have some fun this summer. I want to hike, I want to swim, I want to sun myself at the beach. I do not want to be spending all my time doing this "stuff".  And the Angels heard. I then I wondered where they were. My thoughts were indeed prayers that were heard. I had to rescind that unspoken request and ask directly for the lines of communication to be opened again. And then I could not stop the floodgates from flowing through with messages. This is the first one. And also maybe the second.

There is a "key" that unlocks the door to what you are desiring. It is important to find the right key. The "key" is your thoughts. What are you really thinking about? What you want or what you don't want? They are both keys. They both unlock the doors. Be careful which keys you are using. You can tell which keys you are using by noticing which doors are opening and which ones are closing. It's time to use the right keys.

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