Monday, August 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons

How is it that a woman gets to the age of forty eight and still does not know how to swim? How is it that she is somewhat athletic, has a pretty good full time job, not to mention she frequently spends time with those that do not walk the earth in physical form, but has never mastered the seemingly simple art of swimming?

Recently I scored a deal with a local swimming teacher for her to teach me to swim in exchange for some nonphysical journeys. So far I have had two lessons and she and her daughter have gotten two messages from the nonphysical realms in exchange. I am not sure this is an even exchange, but I am thoroughly enjoying my swimming lessons. I am learning things that of course, the Angels are using to teach me spiritual lessons as well.

That breathing thing!! When you blow air out of your mouth, no water can get in. I am thinking about multiple things at once. My arms are doing one thing, and I have to remember to kick, and turn my head at just the right moment when my arm is doing this.

Today my Angels said," you know in previous lives you were a wonderful swimmer."

"Ahhhhhggghhh," I retorted. "Then why am I having such a hard time?"

"You know dear, you have limited access to water. When you are only practicing once every couple of weeks, you cannot expect to be an expert swimmer."

This makes perfect sense to me. It takes practice to get good at anything. When I was a child I was very good at drawing. I think I was born with a pencil in my hand. Pencil drawings were my specialty. But at some point I did take some lessons and gain some insight that my natural talent hadn't taught me. It is the same with anything we choose to have an interest in. People ask me how I hear from the other side. I say, I don't know how, I just know things.  I hear things. I see things. But at some point I did receive some instruction. I am still learning new things. My Angels have taught me to trust the messages I get whether or not I receive validation from the person to whom I am giving the message or not. But the point I guess is, I spend time with my guides. I talk to them when I am driving. Sometimes at work. When I am running. Sometimes I just listen.

One thing my guides told me is to imagine myself swimming. Imagine how I am breathing, moving my head and my arms and my legs. Even when I am not in water, to spend some time practicing in my head what I will do in the water. This is a great lesson. Anything you want to manifest, imagine it. Imagine lots of customers visiting your business, imagine money in your bank account. Imagine yourself enjoying perfect health,  positive relationships, a flat stomach, whatever it is that you want. Don't see yourself without it. See yourself doing those very things you dream of doing.

So whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life, whether it is learning to swim or losing twenty pounds, or scoring a good paying job, or having a love relationship, imagine yourself doing it. Practice practice practice. Practice it in your head. Succeeding. At first it may be difficult. There seems to be so many steps and having to remember all these things. Practice. Practice. Eventually it will get easier. And then one day you will wonder how you ever thought that this was difficult.

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