Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Enchanted Frog

I am sitting by my pond getting ready to delve in and retrieve the pump for its frequent summer cleaning. I happen to notice a young frog sitting on one of my many lily pads. I am so close, within inches of the tiny frog. I decide to try and touch this little blessing sitting next to me. To my surprise, he does not jump in. I pet the little miracle for a moment or two until I run inside to get my husband. Bringing him outside, I show him the frog, and, once again, he allows me to pet him. I am beside myself with excitement. In my eight years of having my small pond, every year having at least one frog and sometimes more, never in all that time have any of the frogs allowed me to get close enough to touch them, and this one allowed me to pet him more than once!!! I finally got the pump out and proceeded to do my task of cleaning the filters. I walk a few feet away and begin spraying the filters with the water hose. I happen to look down, and what do you think I saw? That little rascal is hopping right over next to me!! He sits there a moment and then hops away. I couldn't tell where he went, but I am well aware that this is a non ordinary event!!

No out of the ordinary events get past me without me contemplating what message there might be from the Higher Realms. Yes I believe that all events have messages, if only we ask what the message might be. Recently I have been thinking and studying about shapeshifting, and in my visits into the non ordinary realms in the Spirit I have often taken the shape of animals in order to converse with them. I once took on the energy of a bee and asked the Spirit of the Bee to please make their nests in other people's yards and not mine so I could walk outside without being attacked. The next year the bees would come to visit but they didn't make their home in my flower beds. Frogs symbolically represent inner healing and transformation, among other things. The Chinese believe that they represent prosperity, but in the Bible they were one of the plagues that were visited upon the Egyptians when the Pharoah refused to release the children of Israel to Moses. In my recent studies of shapeshifting, however, the frog would be a perfect representative, because frogs can adapt to water and land. This also may symbolically hold some meaning for me since I have recently been taking swimming lessons which I wrote about in a previous blog.

In my most recent blog I wrote about the "shift", a field of thought going around concerning how we as humans are adapting to a higher frequency to bring about a change in the world as we know it. I wrote how I personally had not really felt a shift, but this could be related to my upbringing, and my aversion to a related topic. Frogs could also represent this shift, because they transform from tadpoles to frogs, and transformation is really what we all are attempting to do just by incarnating into life at this time.  So I went into a light meditation state and attempted to contact the Spirit of the Frog, to ask if my recent interaction had any particular meaning. And yes, the Frog answered me.

Now some may find it offensive that I seek wisdom from the Spirit of the Frog, instead of the Creator of the frog, however, I say that they are one and the same. The Spirit that created the frog is the same spirit that I commune with when I converse with him. And this is the wisdom He gave me.

"Now is the time when the things you have been seeking will seem to be sitting right next to you, and you will just look and say, are right next to me, but I say, I was there all the time. But because you were at a different place in the Spirit, you did not see Me. Yes, things are shifting. Sometimes you will feel them and sometimes you will not, but more often than not, one day you will just notice that things are different than they used to be. Your vibration is a little different which causes the connection to seem a little easier than it was before. And some will feel a difference and some will not, but it is okay either way. Two people can be in the same place looking in the same direction and each one will see something different. That is the way it is meant to be. One person may see a frog and see healing and transformation, and some will see a plague. And some will not even notice the frog, but will notice the fish swimming in the water or the mosquitos flying about their heads. Each person alive is living with a different perspective. And the thing that each person notices is the thing that is important for them to notice at that particular time. The important thing is to notice something. To you, this connection with the Spirit of the Frog means that your connections are getting stronger and your frequency is getting closer so that touching other realms is becoming easier. The veil that separates the worlds is getting thinner for you. And know that you are safe and all is well."

Thanks Frog, for allowing me to enter your world. And thanks to all for reading of our interaction.

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