Friday, August 5, 2011

The Post Office

Okay. You know I work at the Post Office. You know I also hear messages from the Angels. I also sometimes communicate with the dead. Sometimes I know things. Hopefully I know things that could help someone. Yes sometimes I can channel healing energy from the Higher Realms.

I was sitting at the Post Office recently at a desk answering the phone and doing passports. This particular day I had no customers and the phone was not ringing. I was hearing multiple messages from the Angels. One right after the other. Here is another message I got.

I happened to look out the window and across the street were some row houses. Beside the front door was the mailbox. The Angels said to me.... "Joy, physically you work at the Post Office. The Post Office delivers messages. You are our Post Office. We send messages and you deliver them."

"Sometimes the sender of mail wants their messages sent out to every one and sometimes they only want a particular message sent out to a particular recipient. You do both. Your blogs are like mail sent out to everyone. Then also you have messages sent out to one person in particular. We are the Senders of the messages. Also, don't worry whether or not the messages are getting "read". The Post Office is responsible for delivering the messages, not whether or not the receiver of the messages actually opens their mail.  In the same way, when you deliver a message, it is not your responsibility whether or not the recipient of the message receives what you have delivered. Sometimes they will refuse their "mail" and send it back. That is okay too. You are only the messenger.

I was not sure whether to post this message since it seemed directed mostly at me personally, but I thought about how interesting it is that I just happen to work at the Post Office, and that it is symbolic for the spiritual work that I do as well. What if we all went to work with the attitude that the work that we do in the physical realm is somehow symbolic of our spiritual lives. Plumbers could go to work with the attitude that they are flushing out waste from the planet and their lives as well. Carpenters could think that they are building new things in the realm of the spirit. Waiters or waitresses are serving others things that will nourish them and bring about a pleasant environment for communication and interaction. Landscapers are making the world more beautiful and serving the plant and animal kingdom as well. Even those who pick up our trash our doing mankind a service by removing that which is no longer needed.

Think about the job you do in the natural world and how it could mirror a spiritual purpose as well. Maybe this could be a message to you concerning your life purpose. Just as many times we change jobs from time to time, this life purpose isn't necessarily what you will be doing the rest of your life, but for the time being this is your purpose. Will this cause you to look at your job differently? Will it challenge you to maybe treat your customers or your boss differently?

There are a myriad of ways of looking at our lives that we live day to day. Every moment is a gift. How are you using your moments to enhance your life or the lives of those around you?

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