Sunday, July 31, 2011

Healing our Bodies and Our Emotions

Sometimes the aches and pains we feel in this lifetime, especially ones that are chronic or for which  the doctors have no explanation may be a message from our bodies concerning an emotional issue. I have written previously how every time I have a cold, I will ask my body what message it is trying to send me. I have noticed that I have not suffered many colds lately, and my back has not caused me more than just a twinge, for a couple of years. I realize that just the business of living life causes us the occasional sickness and not every one of our aches and pains has a message, but when we seem to have something recurring on a regular basis, it is often helpful to tune into the non physical realm to gain some insight.

Recently I was called upon to assist a woman who was having chronic pain in her lower abdomen. She had gone to the doctors several times, been tested for hernias and countless other possible causes. The doctors could not find the source of her pain and offered no explanation. I guess as a last resort she sought me out. Quickly after tuning into her energy, I sensed the pain was a result of the emotional trauma she had suffered many years ago when she lost a baby only several hours after she was born. Over the course of the years she had buried those unresolved emotions deep inside, and suffered from years of guilt and sorrow as a result of this loss. During our session we were able to contact the soul of her child, who had a message for her of love and acceptance. She told her mother that she frequently visited her and wanted her to release the pain from this loss and realize that there was no fault on anyone's part. During our session this woman was able to release her pain from this loss and find closure in this most painful event. I was able to help her find comfort in the knowledge that her daughter was close by and visited her many times. Since this healing session, which happened about a month ago, she has since suffered no pain in her lower abdomen.

Many times pains we feel may also be linked to events in previous lives. A lot of times our souls remember these events and recreate the pain in the life we are now living. Once I was sending healing energy to an acquaintance who had some injury to her foot and ankle and while tuning in to her body I was able to tune into two previous lives where she had injured the same foot. How do we find resolution when we do not even consciously remember the events that are causing us pain? Many times if we have unresolved issues in one particular life, we will reincarnate and end up repeating the same patterns until that particular issue is resolved. It may be something simple like breaking a leg at the same age in every lifetime, or it could be more complex, like having children who die at a young age, or contracting an illness that takes our life at around the same age of each lifetime. I once related how I had contacted the soul of my husband in this lifetime to remind him that just because he had died young in a previous lifetime which we shared together did not mean he had to repeat the occurrence. I reminded his soul that this was a different lifetime and his time was not over yet. He quickly recovered from the sickness which was bothering him and we have had no recurrences.

If you feel that you may be plagued by a physical issue that has its roots in an emotional event from the past or even a past life memory, there is help. Many times we need help in resolving these issues, because we are too close to our own issues to see clearly. Many times we may not be aware that a physical issue is rooted in the emotional realm, but if it is chronic or seems to have no diagnosis or explanation from medical science then there is a good chance that it is rooted in the emotional realm.
There is help from the Higher Realms. Our guides and Angels are always available to help us resolve issues that seem to continually plague us. All of the medical advice and pills in the world will not resolve a physical issue if it is rooted in the emotions.

How do we get answers from the Angels concerning these issues? One way is to ask them for a dream before you go to bed at night. Another is to seek out those who specialize in this type of healing. Remember that the reason something continually reoccurs is so that it can be healed. The emotions desire to be healed and resolved probably more than you want to resolve them. You do not have to be in the presence of a healer to get the answers you need. There is no distance in the non physical realm. Simply ask and the answers will be given to you. The Universe knows what you need and who is the best one to assist you in receiving the help you need. Don't be afraid to ask!

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