Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Temporary Setback?

This month it seems that the messages have been coming but my ability to translate the messages into something I can post on my blog has been hindered. I have asked the Angels for some insight into this new development. I was reminded of a dream I had a couple of years ago. In the dream I had opened up my closet door only to find a woman come out of the closet screaming at me! She was holding my journal and was very upset with some things that were written in it. After screaming at me for a moment, she finally calmed down and then came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for the things that I had written. I had forgotten about this dream but recently I was looking through some of my old journals just to see if I could get inspired to write something for the blog and ran across this old entry. At the time I had this dream I was not blogging so none of the things in my journal would have been available for public reading. After reading this old dream, which I had chronicled over three years ago, I knew that this was a dream about myself coming out of the closet and making public the messages that I had been receiving. I was insecure enough to be worried about public perception. I believe that the dream was trying to tell me that there was nothing to be worried or upset about, however, that the messages were there to help people and that after the initial shock they would be well received.

I am not sure why sometimes the words just flow and sometimes there is nothing. I think it is so that I always know that the words are not coming from me, but from a Higher Source. It is in that time of nothingness that I appreciate the presence of the Angels even more. Even when I am not hearing messages I am keenly aware of their Presence. Very often when there are messages waiting for me, I will see the numbers 444, which I am told is the number of the Angels. In the past couple of days I have seen these numbers frequently, and I always know that the Angels are trying to get through to me. Also last night, my washing machine kept beeping, although it was not being used. My washing machine for some reason is very sensitive to the Presence of the Angels, and it was letting me know their Presence was in the house. At about 2a.m. I finally had to unplug it, so that I could try, unsuccessfully, I might add, to get some sleep. But although all these signs were indicating the presence of the Angels, I had no messages jumping out at me. I have even tried to post some messages that I have gotten in the recent past that I have yet to post, and the words would not come through my fingers to the page.

I am sure that this temporary writers block will end and I will be posting messages again soon. When the block lifts, there are words to be written, there are messages crying to be made public. Timing is everything.

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