Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Car, the Boat, and the Helicopter

Remember the old story about how a flood came while a man was in his house and he prayed to God to rescue him from his house? First a man came and warned him to leave in his car and the man said no God is going to rescue me. Then a man came in a boat as the waters rose and the man in the house said, No God is going to rescue me... and then a rescue man in a helicopter came and the man refused, saying, no, God is coming to rescue me. Finally the man died. When he got to heaven, he asked God why he had not rescued him. God said, well I sent you a man in a car, a man in a boat and a man in a helicopter, what else did you want?

Yesterday I experienced this first hand. I was wanting some social interaction and my husband was going out of town to meet some friends. I had every opportunity to go with him but I felt like I needed to go to bed early since I get up so early on Saturdays to go to work so I said no. Then a friend asked me to go to a wine festival in town and I said no, I guess I will just go home. When I got home, alone, and not all that happy to be alone, I asked the Angels to send someone for me to socialize with. (I really didn't mean right that minute.) I was outside in the yard and noticed my neighbors in the driveway who I am acquainted with but didn't really interact with all that much. I went over to say hi and ended up staying for several hours. I had a splendid time, completely forgetting the time. When I got back home, my husband was home and worried sick about where I was!

After calming my husband down, I thanked the Angels for giving me someone to talk to. It is amazing sometimes how quickly those Angels answer when we ask!! Now if I had taken my first opportunity for social interaction, my Angels could have been busy helping someone else, but sometimes they have to work overtime just to get me to take my gifts!!

How often do we request things of the Universe, the Angels, Guides and Higher Beings, only to refuse them when they are dropped into our laps? How many times do we miss the answers to our requests because they didn't come in the package we were expecting them to come in?

As an after note, I was touched by the concern of my family members, who were ready to put out an all points bulletin for my safe return! I really learned how much I am loved. Thanks to the Angels for sending me some social interaction, and thanks to my husband and stepson who apparently called all the hospitals in the area looking for me....and thanks to Ann, my dear friend, who made me a present to keep around for the next time I decide to disappear!!

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