Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Barrel

This blog is for anyone who has ever experienced a block of some kind. It may be a block in your creativity, or a block in manifesting the things you have been setting your intentions toward, or a block in communicating with the Unseen Realms. I have recently been experiencing such a block. I had attempted to contact the Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Beings of Love and Light numerous times in the past week or so to no avail. It seems the heavens were silent. As I have mentioned before, my intention is to be a beacon of love and light, a conduit of healing to whomever I come into contact with, whether the person receiving the energy is aware of the loving energy coming their way or not. Very often my means of communicating messages to others from the Unseen Realms is through my blog. Although I had had some messages, when I would try to put them into words the words would not come through to the page. I asked my Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, any High Being of Love and Light(that is generally what I say to cover Them all) what was happening and I did not receive any answers.

Sometimes when I do not get any answers directly, I turn to my books. I randomly pick a book and open to whatever page comes to me and read what it says to me. I generally know when the words on the page are relevant and when they are not. This time it worked! I got two messages. One was that it was very important to allow others to have their own experiences and accept them for whatever they were choosing in their experiences and not be so concerned with "saving" them. The other message I got said that the Prime Creator was the creator of both light and darkness or He(She) would not be Prime Creator. These two messages seemed to be independent of one another and not related to my "block" but I knew these messages were for me.

So this morning I attempted once again to contact the Side of Light to no avail until I went to the gym and got on the elliptical machine. I asked Gabriel the Angel of messages to come and talk to me about my "block." I approached the "blinds" previously mentioned in my blog and asked the Gatekeeper if I could come over to the side of Light. I was allowed through the blinds and there was Gabriel and another female Guide, maybe Mary Magdalene (I had never contacted her before but this is who I felt she was). They took me to a ceremony where there was a huge barrel which had a fire in it and was burning. They told me I had some bitter root judgements I needed to put in the barrel. I had come to the place in my journey where I could not move forward unless I released them. I was not aware of any judgements but I imagined myself pulling up roots of bitterness and throwing them into the barrel. My previous message the night before about Prime Creator being both light and darkness made me understand that God was in the bitter root judgements as well as in the acceptance of all that is. This made me understand my dream of snakes as well, also previously mentioned in another blog. The snakes, it was told to me, was God coming to me in my experience in the form of snakes. I now understood that the snakes were hidden things that were coming out of the woodwork and showing themselves now to be released. I imagined myself also throwing the snakes into the fire. I was also made aware that the judgements of others toward me and the energy that was being directed at me that was not for my highest good was also to be placed in the barrel. As I envisioned myself throwing my roots of bitter judgements toward myself and others into the fire, I felt a huge release as the fire took these judgements up into the air where they dispersed. I called out to the roots and the snakes and thanked them for showing themselves to me and told them that I would not be needing them any longer. I thanked the Angels and Beings of Light for showing me these things and giving me the opportunity to release these things that were no longer necessary in my journey.

I think it is important, when releasing things no longer necessary, to thank those things for the lessons that they have taught. I thank the Light and the Darkness both for the things that they teach me. Then I say that I have decided to follow the Light. I imagine myself clothed in Light and that the Light always dispels the darkness. I imagine that Light is all around me and even when I walk my footprints behind me glow with Light and show the way to those in darkness.

Thanks to those who have walked before me and their footprints have been a beacon of light to show me the way. Thanks to the Angels and Guides who are always there, even when I don't feel Their presence. Thanks also to the darkness, for showing me what I don't want or need anymore. God is in it all.

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