Monday, April 26, 2010

Employee of the Month

I have been receiving messages for many years, but I haven't always called it the same thing. Years ago when I was an avid church attendee, we called it prophecy, I guess named after the Old Testament prophets.

I remember one time I had a dear friend who worked with me at the Post Office. He was and I guess still is an amazing musician, who was having some issues at the time feeling like his music was not being accepted. I am not sure if it was a message or not, but I felt like I had received some guidance for him, which I had passed along in conversation.

Around the same time, a friend of mine had stopped by the house one day and told me that God had given her a message to give me fifty dollars. I had graciously accepted, although I was not in desperate need of money, but it was nice to know that my friend and God were thinking about me.

One day I was at work and they had an awards presentation where they were giving fifty dollar gift certificates for outstanding performance at the Post Office. I was not a recipient of the award, but my friend had given me the gift of fifty dollars around the same time. I did not know how these three, seemingly independent events, would come together very shortly.

I came home from work one evening, and I think it might have been the same day as the awards presentation at work, not particularly thinking about the award, but I was soon to find out its significance. I got a call from the pastors of the church I was attending, asking if they could come over. Of course I agreed. When they got there they proceeded to tell me that I was not to give any more words of "prophecy" unless I ran it by them first. Apparently they had not liked what I had told my friend, who had relayed my insights to them. I was devastated. I had not intended to rustle any feathers, or cause any grief, but evidently the words I had given had caused a major uproar. When they left, I was grief stricken.

I went to bed that night, and as I laid in my bed I remembered the awards presentation at work and I remembered the gift my friend had given me. I could hear an almost audible voice that said to me, "You are My employee of the month." I knew that I had said the words I was supposed to say and that even though the words were not received in the manner I had intended, I knew I had given the message I was supposed to give. My spirits were lifted as I knew that God was the one who gave me the messages and if I got a message, I would pass it along.

Now that my thinking processes have changed somewhat, I still believe the messages I used to get and the messages I get now are coming from the same place. I used to say the messages were from God or the Holy Spirit, and now I say the Angels, but the voice is the same. I know that there is a Higher Intelligence, and that Intelligence is Who gives me my messages. It is nice to know that sometimes, even when my messages are not received or appreciated, that Someone has appreciated the fact that I was not afraid to say what I was told to say. All these years later, I just wanted to say thanks to that Higher Power who let me know that I was hearing correctly and I had said what I needed to say, and that it was appreciated.

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