Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visitors from the Other Side

This morning while I was running I found myself accompanied by several visitors from the other side. They came in succession one right after the other and so I am going to try to write this all down before I forget.

The first visitor that came to me was my grandson’s father, who died of breast cancer at the age of 24. He had custody of my grandson while he was alive and then my daughter took over after he passed. He told me that he is watching over Hayden and making sure that he is okay. I always perceived Nathaniel (Hayden’s father) to be a loving soul, but he had a lot of challenges in his life to overcome. He assured me that he planned it that way before he incarnated, and that he always had Hayden’s benefit in mind. We agree that Hayden is a very evolved soul, and Nathaniel assured me that the reason Hayden had chosen such a challenging childhood was so that he would grow up with compassion for those less fortunate. He would not have the judgements toward the less fortunate that most people who grow up in middle class suburbia have. Hayden, he assured me, was exactly in the place he was meant to be, and he would be all right.

Next I saw my ex husband’s mother, who died of cancer several years ago. She told me she understood why I had divorced her son, but just remember not to speak ill of him, because when I do, the energy goes out towards him and he feels it and it hinders him in his journey, just as the words he has spoken toward me have affected me as well. I admit to recounting past events on occasion, but I asked her to nudge me or give me a reminder if the words come out of my mouth when I am not thinking. I also asked for help with that amazing cornbread she used to make. I have tried to duplicate it but I seem to be missing something. I think she gave me the answer.

Next I felt the presence of Clay’s (my husband) mother and possibly father too, but he did not speak. I only felt the voice or thoughts of the mother. I never met her, she had passed before I met Clay. My mother was there too, and indicated that they had compared notes often while they are there visiting us on occasion. What my mom and his mom gave me was a story of our childhoods and how they were very similar in the way we interpreted our surroundings and the people around us. I will save it for another blog, because it is a little long. Clay’s brother showed up too, to give validation to the story.

I think that the people we know and love on this side are all around us when they pass, and that maybe they see things from a different perspective after they pass. It is kind of like being in the woods and only seeing trees or seeing the forest from an airplane. It is the same forest, but the perspective is a little different. Thanks to all those who are all around us, watching out for us and observing our lives. They are like our cheerleaders, cheering us on in this game of life.

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