Thursday, April 15, 2010


Recently I had a dream about snakes. I dreamed it had rained hard during the night and when I awoke I went out into the rest of the house and everywhere I looked there were snakes. There were very large snakes, small snakes, and everything in between. There were snakes wrapped up in the drapes, hiding in the corners, coming out of the cushions in the couch. There were snakes so large they took up almost an entire room.

A friend of mine also recently had a dream about snakes and I had told her that snakes almost always represent healing of some kind. But in this case I was not so sure. I looked up on my search engine what other people had to say about dreaming of snakes and I came up with a lot of different answers. Some said deception, some said danger, and some said healing. So I asked the Angels what my dream meant. I believe that just because most of the time a particular symbol means a particular thing in most cases, that does not mean it is always the case.

The Angels do not always answer me directly by speaking to me. At first they were silent and I began to think, Oh they just are going to make me figure this one out on my own. Or maybe something is going to happen and I will know that this is what my dream meant. Well, several days went by and nothing happened. So with the intention in mind of finding an answer to my dream, I picked up a book that was lying on the coffee table and I said to the Angels, OK, would you please let me find the answer in this book? The particular book was a used book I had purchased on the internet, and in several places in the book there was highlighting, done by whoever owned the book before me. I had not read the book yet, except to skim through it a little.

I opened the book randomly and looked down at the page I had opened to. There was some highlighting on the page so immediately my attention was drawn to the highlighted section. What I read amazed me. The words said that sometimes the Gods will come down to us from above and shapeshift into physical form. They can appear to us as serpants or other animals. This I immediately knew was the answer to my question. Does this mean that God had shapeshifted into my dream and appeared in my house in the form of snakes? That is what it appears I was being told. And why were the snakes everywhere, in the drapes, the sofa cushions, the sink? Why were they everywhere?

I think the message to me at this particular time was that God is everywhere. There is no where I can go to escape. God, the Angels, the Higher Beings, whatever we choose to call the Higher Beings, they are everywhere. I need to know that I am never alone, and that They are always there. Even when I feel my lines of communication have been shut off, even when I feel there is no one who understands me, even when I feel there is no one who is like me, who thinks like me or feels like me or understands things the way I do. When there is no one to talk to and I am feeling out of sorts, They are always there. And I do not need to be afraid. If they are everywhere, then I am not in any danger, ever.

I am learning that things do not always mean what you think they mean. If you listen, every little thing has a message. And it is not always what you think.

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