Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Recently in my home I have decided to do a little painting in some of the rooms. I found myself with a few days off from work and I heard the walls calling to me that they needed a change. It is amazing how a little paint can completely change the energy of a room or a house. A little moving of favorite objects, pictures on the wall, furniture, completely change the way you feel when you walk into a room or into the front door of your house. The way you feel changes the energy of the room itself and those who are present in the room. I believe that everything has consciousness whether it is considered to be alive or not. When the walls become dirty or dingy, the energy of the wall drops down a notch or two. Dust collecting in the corners or plants that have passed their peak and are on the downward slide, they all connect with one another and give a room a particular collective energy that can be felt on a level of our consciousness. Objects in our homes which we don't particularly like, but Aunt Bettie gave them to us so we feel obligated to display them, they also contribute to the energy in a room.

On another level, the energy of the house reflects the energy of its inhabitants. If in our souls we are feeling tired or out of sorts, our home picks up that energy and reflects it. I remember one time in another house, we had a plumbing problem which we couldn't seem to figure out. It turns out that also in my body at the time I had a particular health issue that was alluding me. When I figured out my health issue and dealt with it, the very next day it seems we were able to easily figure out the plumbing problem and fix it.

Our homes represent on a spiritual level how are souls are inhabiting our bodies. If our homes are in disarray, it is very likely that our lives are also out of sorts. Recently I was feeling the need to clean out my closets, and so I also did an inner inventory, to see if there were issues that were hidden away in the closet of my mind, out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. My present issue has to do with the fact that my closets are full, but only for a lack of anywhere else to put the stuff that fills them. Even after throwing numerous unused objects away, it still seems that the closets are full. Also in my life I sometimes feel like the closets are full. There is no room to add anything new due to the fullness of my schedule. My husband says it is only my perspective that makes me think that my schedule is too full. I am still working on that one.

Sometimes we are led to spruce up our homes and immediately find that our lives become more enjoyable as well. All of life is a metaphor. As I am busy painting this week I am also doing an inner inventory. What in my life has become dull, outdated, and in need of a change? Can it be as simple as paint is to a wall? I think the inner paint would be my thoughts. What can I change about the way I am thinking that will completely change how I am viewing my life? Out with those old, outdated thoughts and in with new, improved, life affirming thoughts!!

If you find yourself with thoughts of changing something in your outer world, don't forget to do an inner inventory as well, and see if it corresponds to something in your inner world. You may be surprised at what a little paint can do!

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