Saturday, February 6, 2010

Message about Change

Recently I was reading an article by a woman who gives messages from the Angels. She said we all are able to receive messages, all we have to do is ask. The more we ask, the more messages we will receive. She suggested that every day we write down a question and then write down the answer. She also suggested that if we would like to be of service to mankind, that we send out a request to the Angels to get the word out that we are ready to be of service.

I was so inspired that I said the little prayer she suggested and within five minutes I received a phone call from a friend who requested I help her with a fear that she was having. Wow! Those Angels really are listening when we call upon them!!

The particular problem I guess I have initially with asking questions of the Angels is that I can't think of any questions to ask!! So I would like to relate the first question I asked of the Angels and as I write I am hoping they are going to respond. This is the way I have found that it often works. I have no idea of the answer until I start writing. That is what happened when I responded to my friend's request. I had decided to email her back to tell her that I suggested some positive affirmations to say until I got an answer, and then immediately as I started writing, I was given an insight into the particular fear she was experiencing. I am not going to relate the story of course until I talk to her, but I am relating how I have found the answers sometimes come.

So this particular question I am thinking of has to do with change. I have been seeing signs lately related to change. I am wondering if this is a personal message of change or if the message regarding change is a universal one. This week I received so many signs that change was approaching that I actually began to have a panic attack because I was afraid the change would not be to my liking!!

The Angels have seemed to respond to me that there is a change universally but also a personal change on the horizon. Both the universal and the personal changes could be responded to in a number of ways. It is our response to the changes that make the changes either good or bad, but the Higher Realms always have our ultimate good as the end results of the changes. Just like when we repot plants, they sometimes go into a shock initially, but it is for their ultimate good because they have outgrown their pots. The plants may wonder what it is they are going through when their roots are dug out and they find themselves in a new pot with new dirt and possibly even a new window to look out of, but eventually they have the choice to acclimate to their surroundings or they will eventually wither and die. It is the same with the changes on the horizon. It is our choice to acclimate ourselves to the changes or we will find ourselves withering due to our refusal to get used to our new pot, so to speak.

The good news is that the changes are for our good and if we look at the changes with excitement and not with fear then we will ultimately find the changes have helped us to evolve to the next level of our journey.

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