Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Message from the Angels

In my last blog I wrote how I had read that one way to hear messages from the Angels more clearly is to write a question and then listen for the answer. Writing seems to be the key. I related how sometimes I don't get an answer until I actually start writing.

Today my question to my Angels was relating to a couple of dreams I have had in the past couple of weeks relating to going to job interviews. The dreams were different but in both of the dreams I was going to a job interview and in both of the dreams I noticed things about the job that needed change. In the one dream I was interviewing for a job in a hotel of all things. I couldn't imagine even in the dream why I was there. I had stayed in the motel previously and was impressed with our maid and sent a letter to the owners praising her. But when I went into the motel for the job interview, I walked by an indoor pool where there was a room full of people sitting around the pool in lounge chairs and socializing but the pool itself was filthy dirty and full of green algae. In the second dream I was at Merrifield Post Office interviewing for a position there and the person in charge had given me a form to fill out but it was the wrong form. I wondered why I was there since I had no intention of commuting all the way to Merrifield every day when I was relatively happy at my position in Winchester.

My answer from the Angels seems to be that I had requested of the Universe to be of service and my "applications" were being considered. I had dabbled in several different things and I constantly see things that need to be dealt with but so far I do not feel that I am officially "employed" by the Universe. The Angels wanted me to know that even though sometimes I feel like I am waiting for that "call" to come to officially welcome me to the employment of the Higher Realms, that they know that I am available and even when I sleep my abilities are being used. ( I often have dreams of people I do not know and I am usually sending them some sort of healing energy or assisting them in some way.)

Also I believe the Angels want me to extend the invitation to questions from others. I am often at a loss of questions to ask the Angels and I am open to asking them questions that someone else comes up with. I am not sure I will get an answer but I am quite sure the Angels have been bugging me to put out the invitation. They will decide whether the questions are something they want to answer but at this time I am open to questions that others come up with. This is very new to me and I am learning that if I don't listen and do what it is suggested to me then I don't hear anything for awhile.

I am happily waiting for the next message from the Angels but they don't just talk if I don't initiate the conversation. Sometimes I think it is like a Divine dance of sorts. I ask a question, but it is usually one that I have been inspired to ask. Hopefully the answers help others with their path as we all journey together.

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