Monday, February 15, 2010

Three Blind Men

I don't often get two blogs in one day, but this afternoon I wrote about a friend and myself who had similar dreams and about asking the Angels to give me some guidance on the significance of the dreams. After I wrote the blog, I was wondering to myself, but I guess out loud enough for the Angels to hear my wondering, what if someone else read the answer to my question and got a completely different answer? I started questioning what I was hearing. I have a couple of mentors who hear from the Higher Realms and what if they saw something that I didn't see?

I could almost hear my Angels laughing at me. I don't think they get offended at all if we start questioning them. Immediately I was reminded of a story I had heard years ago about three blind men that were taken to an elephant to give a description of the animal based on what their hands felt, since they were blind. One blind man felt the elephant's trunk and described the elephant as a tree. One of them felt the elephant's tail and said, no, the elephant feels to me like a rope. And the other blind man felt the elephant's side and disagreed with the other two blind men and said, no, the elephant feels to me like a great wall. None of the blind men were wrong. They were basing their evaluation on the information that they were provided with.

The Angels assured me that we are all walking around on this earth like blind men. The only information we can receive is the information that They can get through to us based on our life experience. They could not give information two thousand years ago to men about airplanes or automobiles because the men at that time had nothing to compare the information with. How would you describe an airplane to someone who had never seen one? It is the same with the information we receive now. Each of us receives information from the Higher Realms in a different way based on our own perceptions. Over time our perceptions may change, but in the mean time They continue to guide us based on the perceptions we have at the time. It is up to us to trust the information that is provided to us and relay that information as accurately as we can. Yes, someone else may receive information that may seem contradictory, but it is okay. We all walk through our lives on earth with different colored glasses on. We all interpret our life experience based on the glasses that we are wearing. Over time our glasses may change. We may get better eyesight or worse depending on how we react to our life experiences. Our hearing may get better tuned in as we practice listening to the Higher Realms.

The most important thing is to trust the information that we receive. The more we listen to the Angels and Higher Realms the more we will hear what they are saying and the more we hear and trust what we are hearing the more They will speak.

Thank you Angels for answering my questions before I even ask.

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