Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ganesha

I have what I at first considered to be a rather funny experience to share.

I have for several years enjoyed learning about different belief systems and different Deities. When I was going through a difficult time several years ago, I was made aware of the Deity known as the Ganesha, a Hindu God with the head of an elephant and several hands. Known as the Deity who governs success, wealth, among other things, he is very well known as the remover of obstacles. I had become very attracted to this Deity and had purchased several statues of him and placed them in areas of my home. During my difficult times, I had requested His help and felt an immediate answer to the obstacle I was facing at the time. Over the years, I had always felt a connection to this Deity, but had not attempted to contact him since the original incident several years ago.

During my meditation this morning on the elliptical machine, I was imagining myself on one of those water lawn chairs in the middle of a large body of water. I was just sitting there relaxing, when I happened to look beside me and I saw the Ganesha relaxing in a lawn chair beside me!! I was very shocked, for I never would have expected to see a Deity this way!! Of course I knew it was the Ganesha, for there is no other Deity who looks like He does. He said to me, "Why are you surprised to see me here? Do you think I could not accompany you here and enjoy this space with you?" I immediately thanked Him for His presence and for all the times in the past I had felt His helping hand with my obstacles.

All during the day I was reminded of the meditation and would feel His presence with me frequently throughout the day. I frequently found coins on the floor, and I thanked the Ganesha for the blessings. Also I was given many incidents during the day where my transactions or the numbers of my reports were 8's, the numerological number of success and money, and each time I thanked the Ganesha for His presence.

I don't know if the Ganesha will show up again tomorrow, but it was very pleasant having Him with me today. Thanks Ganesha, I enjoyed spending the day with You.

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