Monday, February 15, 2010

In a previous blog I wrote how one way to communicate with the Angels is to write out a question and then start writing out the answer. The key is to meditate first and when you feel a connection, ask for the highest Angels available to answer your question. This rules out the possibility that you might receive an answer from an entity that may not have your best interests at heart. The key is to listen to your intuitive feelings. If you are meditating on connecting with the Angels or your Guides, wait until you have a feeling inside of love and joy. If you feel uneasy, that is a good sign you have connected with a lower level entity. Politely ask them to leave and then wait for that connection with the Higher Realms, where you will always feel love and joy when They are Present.

Today I wanted to ask a question relating to a dream I had a while back but had forgotten until I was talking to a friend and she was relating a dream she had had recently that reminded me of my dream. When she started relating the dream I had the feeling that we were in the same house in our dreams and our dreams were very similar in nature. In both dreams we were in a house where there were unfriendly entities around. In her dream she was inside and the spirits were tossing things around, like tables and so forth, and she felt the necessity to try to protect some of the beautiful and intricate pieces of furniture that were being thrown around. In my dream, a large group of people were all out on the patio outside having dinner. As we sat around a long table, I noticed on the edge of the patio there were many spirits standing around the edge looking in on us. My husband and my friend's husband went down the hill and into a group of trees to gather some equipment up to see if they could detect any paranormal activity. In the mean time, I felt it necessary to protect the group of people from the spirits, who appeared to me to be menacing and possibly dangerous. I did a ritual of protection in the dream and forbid the spirits from crossing the line from their dimension into ours.

My question to the Angels is this: was this a real place with a physical address here in this dimension and were our dreams happening at the same location?

This is the answer I feel I have gotten from the Angels: the reason you felt a connection when your friend started relating her dream is because, yes, they are connected. The dreams did actually occur at the same location and it is no coincidence that the two of you have connected. What you were doing in your dreams is actually protecting a real household from some angry spirits. The reason you were doing battle in your dreams is because you have not been to this location yet in the physical realm but one day you will visit the actual location and at that time you will remember your dreams and realize that your spirits went beforehand and cleared the space before your physical bodies ever touched the grounds. In your dreams your soul travels ahead of you and prepares the way for journeys that you will eventually take in the natural realm. Sometimes you are able to finish the job in the spirit realm and then visiting the place in the natural is not necessary. In your dreams you visit many lands and many different realms of reality. And yes, sometimes you do protect your loved ones from harm. Many times when you awake you don't remember the lives you live in the dream world because there is no benefit in the remembering. And then sometimes when you visit a place in the physical realm you feel like you have been there before and it is because you have!! You have visited it beforehand in your dreams!

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