Monday, July 1, 2013

All About God, Goddess, the Universe, and Other Names

I know we are all very attached to our beliefs. It takes a lot of courage to question the beliefs you have had all your life and take a step back, examining all the things you have always known or believed to be true. Today I want to examine what and how we feel about "God" and the names we call "him". I believe that it is time to examine what we believe and how it matches how we live our lives and how we treat our fellow man (and woman.)

I was born a Christian, as many of you know. Over time I have examined my beliefs and eventually found that I resonated with a different view of "God", although Jesus and I are still very much in touch, and so, because of the general consensus here in the United States about the name "God", have decided to call my Higher Power by different names. I am not sure if I have come to settle on a name that I can completely identify with.

I am of the philosophy that whatever belief system you find that gives meaning to your life and helps to make you a better person is the one that is best for you! Yes I do believe there is a Higher Power, but I am not so attached to giving that Higher Power a Name. I think that in the Bible in the Old Testament God would rather be referred to as "I AM", or Jehovah, and I like the "I AM" name because that really says it all, doesn't it? However, when I think of that God from the Old Testament, I am not sure I resonate with some of the ideas and laws that were handed out by the interpretation of that God either. Sometimes I will say "the Universe" or "the Angels" or "Source" but these are just names as well. I also don't believe that God is necessarily male or female. If I say "Goddess", then I am focusing in on the female attributes of that Deity we know as God, or perhaps I am just trying to balance the focus away from the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years of assuming that God was a man.

Sometimes I like to "pray" to different deities, but really, I think, I am focusing in on the symbolism or the qualities that they represent, not necessarily because I am "of" a particular religion. When I talk about my Power Animals, I do believe that animals have specific qualities that are symbolic of the energy that they possess. When different animals or Deities come to me when I am meditating, I take notice. I ask them what is the message you have for me? I believe that my Higher Self, my own Soul, is my Higher Guidance system, and that all is one. I am one with my Creator, I am one with all that is, I am one with you, my readers. We are all one. I am also one with the grass, the trees, even the homeless person on the street. We are all connected. That is why I believe in my ability and the ability of all of us, if we desire it enough, to connect with the souls of our pets or other animals and communicate with them, or even our dead grandmother or a civil war soldier or even a Greek Goddess from thousands of years ago. That is why some of us can feel emotions coming out of furniture! All of this is based on the belief that we are all one.

The idea that my religion is better than yours or that my religion or belief system is the only right one is the thought process behind wars, terrorism, and hate of all kinds. It is why some think that how others live their lives in the privacy of their own homes with malice toward none is unacceptable.

Bottom line is this: If my religion or lack thereof is making me a better person, is helping me to be kind to others and is giving me a sense of joy, fulfillment or peace, then I have true religion. If I can be of service to others, if I can make someone's pain go away, or make their time on earth more enjoyable or easier, if I can help bring a person peace by connecting with their loved ones or their pets who have passed, if I can help someone resolve current issues by tapping into past lives, then whatever I have chosen to believe about God is of value and beneficial to myself and others.

Let us all break down the barriers that divide us. Let us put down our swords and love one another. Let us accept one another and stop trying to make everyone conform to what our own personal idea of God and the Universe is or is not.

No matter what we believe there is someone who can disprove it or argue the validity of our beliefs. And I say: so what? If I want to pray to the rock in my backyard and it makes me a better person and gives me peace, who's to say that I am doing something wrong? ( I do talk to my rocks, by the way!)

And now you all know. Yes I love God. And Goddess. Whoever is Up There talking back to me when I talk to the Heavens, no matter what I call Him or Her. He or She is real. And I know this because I feel better after talking it out and listening. And I do get answers. And I do feel love. And that is all that matters. And if you do or do not believe in "God", and you are a good person and you have peace in your heart, I say, Go You!!

Just for today, why not put aside your ideas about God. Whatever stories or beliefs you have about God, why not, just for today, read about someone's beliefs or teachings with whom you are not familiar? I challenge you to look through the eyes of love!! Jesus was reprimanded by his superiors for hanging out with those who in His time were considered unlovable and to be avoided. Why don't we take his example and just for today find someone who is unacceptable in the eyes of your belief system and look at things through their perspective!

Let us all learn to love one another. Not with the intention of changing someone so that eventually they will put aside their unacceptable behavior and join you in your box of beliefs. Just because loving them is the right thing to do. And just wait and see how your world changes. Mine did. And now I could never go back to who I was and how I thought in years past.


  1. I really like this. I agree, and feel the same! I'm so glad someone wrote something like this! (:

  2. This is an important & courageous message. Thank you earth angel!

  3. This is so beautifully said! Thank you for putting such wisdom in such a clear and beautiful package.

  4. Great post. I thought it was just me who struggled to find a name that really worked for God/Goddess/the universe/great spirit/source/the power...none of them quite resonate with me...but I'll keep looking for a name that feels right. And as you say, it doesn't matter what name, what belief system, it's all Love at its heart. x